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3 Benefits of Having a Personal Alarm

• Written by Diana


Today's article comes from guest blogger Diana, from basementguides.com

Living alone can be both a good thing and a bad thing. You get total privacy and space to yourself, but on the other hand, if something terrible happens, it could be difficult to get help. For elderly people, living alone can be dangerous due to the increased chances of falls and injuries. People with disabilities or long-term medical conditions can also face risks. So, how can the elderly stay safe while living alone?

Although the occasional accident is inevitable, you can protect yourself by taking precautions and doing your best to prevent injuries. One of the many ways we can keep the elderly safe while living alone is by utilising personal alarms.

Personal alarms are very helpful in case of an emergency. The idea of having one might seem alarming to some, but they can be a lifesaver when needed. They come in handy, especially if the person in question lives far away from you.

In this article, we're going to discuss the biggest benefits of having a personal alarm.

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Personal Alarm

Personal alarms offer so many benefits to the user and their loved ones, we couldn't possibly fit them all into one blog post. So, here are our top 3 benefits of having a personal alarm.

1. Find Help Fast

Of all the benefits of having a personal alarm, the most important is the ability to get help efficiently and quickly. Thanks to technology and its rapid development, alarms make finding help seamless and easy.

These days, alarm systems are modern and come in two parts— a base unit and a pendant button. The base unit is usually plugged into the main power and telephone socket. The user then wears the pendant. Alarm users usually wear their pendants as a watch, a necklace, or even clip it onto their belts. When an emergency occurs, the user can press the help button on their pendant or the base unit.

Pressing the buttons makes an instant alarm call to the Response Centre, and the Response Team will dial through to the base unit in seconds to speak with the user. Then, help will be on its way in just a few minutes. The Response Team will then call the user's emergency contacts, such as family members, friends, or neighbours. They'll also call the emergency services if the alarm user needs medical attention.

Most service providers are available 24/7. So, there's no need to worry about operational hours, since help is available day and night. The Lifeline24 Response Team operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. Independence at home

Other than quick access to help, another of the benefits of having a personal alarm is that elderly people can remain independent in their own homes.

Having a personal alarm system can be an alternative to having to move into a care home. Instead of moving out of their home and into sheltered accommodation or residential care, alarm users can remain in their homes or wherever they feel most comfortable.

Although most alarms provide 24/7 protection, they are largely unintrusive in the home. The alarm users would only need to speak with the provider during the initial setup, routine test calls, and emergencies.

Having a personal alarm means having independence while still living at home. Nothing will need to change, and users can carry on with their normal day-to-day life with family and friends.

3. Peace of Mind for Everyone

Lastly, having a personal alarm will help alleviate any concerns or anxiety about an elderly person's safety. Most of the time, family members will recommend a personal alarm to their loved ones because they're worried about their parents' or grandparents' safety or health.

It's completely understandable because they're not around all the time to help their elderly loved ones. So, in this case, a personal alarm would be a big help.

Friends and family don't need to worry about not being there and not helping their parents or grandparents if they're in trouble. Having a personal alarm will ensure that help is always available and only a button away.

Alarm users will also be content, knowing that they will be safer in their homes because of their alarms.

In Conclusion

There are so many benefits of having a personal alarm. They are essential for the elderly who live alone. Besides the quick response and access to help, personal alarms help elderly people retain their independence in their own homes while maintaining their wellbeing. It also brings peace of mind for both the alarm user and their family or friends.

Of course, you should take other precautions too to ensure that falls or accidents don't happen and ensure the alarm users' homes are safe to live in.

Personal Alarms from Lifeline24

To find out more, read our guide to the Lifeline personal alarm service here.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 7th September 2021 to reflect the latest information.

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