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3 Signs that a Personal Alarm may be required

• Written by Thom


As you get older you may sometimes require a little bit of help to ensure that you're safe around your home. It may be that you're mobility isn't quite what it used to be or that you're suffering from a long-term medical condition.

The thing is, you may not think that you need a personal alarm system like ours - even if your children and grandchildren are begging you to do so. Here're three of the biggest signs that it may be time for you to have a personal alarm at home.

You've Suffered from a Fall

This is often the first indication that you may require help at home. Falls can range from very minor 'wobbles' to serious falls that lead to life threatening injuries. In fact, the NHS have this scary statistic regarding falls:

"Around one in three adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls."

We frequently hear from concerned relatives whose parent has been discovered after spending several hours on the floor of their bathroom or kitchen following a fall. This is a worrying situation and the statistics do nothing to ease the concern.

When an older person lives alone, falls are the main risk to their health and well-being. This is especially the case if they live alone, as nobody will be around to help them back to their feet and they may also be unable to reach for the telephone.

It is often a fall that convinces relatives to look at options like residential care. A personal alarm can provide a much better alternative, allowing the user to stay in their own home with a 24-hour Response Team protecting them.

Additionally, a personal alarm is substantially more cost effective with prices from £2.46 per week.

Long-Term Medical Condition or Disability

As many older people will tell you, old age does not come without it's share of health niggles. Conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (just to name a few) can intensify as we get older and often lead to acute bouts of illness. These small niggles can snowball and leave an older person frail and vulnerable. Disability presents it's own challenges in day to day life and accidents do happen when disabled people are alone.

We frequently provide personal alarms to people who have suffered from strokes. The fear of having another stroke, and having no one around to help, can hold these people back from doing the things they used to.

If any of these situations sounds familiar then we would strongly recommend that you consider a personal alarm. In a medical emergency the ability to summon help immediately is priceless and could make all the difference.

Returning Home from Hospital

In our experience, older people who are returning home after a stay in hospital can be very vulnerable. They tend to return home with less confidence, unsteadiness and are often still recovering from illness or injury.

This can lead to very real danger, a fear of falling or the risk of becoming unwell - all of which can make them much more likely to fall.  A personal alarm can be the cure to this fear and with free next day delivery we can have it all set-up for you as soon as you are discharged.

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