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Top 5 Flowers for Older People this Christmas

• Written by Flowers Across Sydney


Picking out a Christmas gift for older people can be tough. At this stage of life, material possessions tend to mean less than they used to, so buying something flash and expensive often won’t have the same impact it would on a younger person. As we get older, the sentiment behind the gift is often the important part. This is something that many people seem to miss these days.

It’s for this reason that flowers can make a great gift. It’s hard to find someone who actively dislikes flowers (even amongst men), so you can be confident that your gift will go over well. Some people are cynical and refuse to buy flowers on the basis that they die quickly and therefore are a pointless present. These people miss the real reason behind giving flowers; sentiment.

Flowers carry an intangible message when they’re sent as a gift; they tell the receiver that someone cares about them. Recent research also suggests that it might be more than just mere sentiment; it appears that flowers can even benefit your mental health, so if you’re wracking your brain trying to think up an appropriate gift for the elderly, why not consider flowers?

We’ve listed a handful of the most recommended flowers to send this Christmas.


Roses are often synonymous with romantic love, so perhaps this isn’t the best choice of flower to send your grandmother, but if you have someone in your life who isn’t exactly a spring chicken, then you can’t really go wrong with roses.

They are the gold standard and are typically thought of as quite expensive, so many people love to receive them over other types of flowers, particularly if they’re of the more traditional type.

Speaking of tradition, giving roses in the past meant red roses, but these days there are a wide variety of roses to send people. You can choose from a bouquet of multi-coloured roses or even rainbow roses!

View the variety of roses available today.*


The gerbera is another popular option for gift giving. While less traditional than roses (and without the romantic overtones), they can be a great gift, especially for someone who needs their spirits raised a little.

With their bright, warm colours, gerberas have the ability to make just about anyone feel a little better. When you want to convey a message of happiness, it’s hard to go past a gerbera. Gerberas come in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can typically choose from a wide range.*


Irises are another popular choice when choosing to give flowers. They’re even less traditional than gerberas since their shape is slightly funky and unique, so if you have an older person who is a little different than the norm then this might be the perfect flower to gift them for Christmas.

They come in a wide range of colours and sizes, so there’s a good chance that what you send will be unique. Whether you’re after something pink and blue, or something a little mellower, irises can make a great choice.

There are lots of combinations to choose from if you do elect to give irises; you can click here to view some of the types available.*


Lilies are another hugely popular choice and while less traditional, they will still make a great gift idea for older people. However, before you select a lily, make sure that the person you’re giving them to doesn’t have an allergy.

Because of the high pollen content of lilies, some people are allergic and unless you’re a real sadist, you don’t want to make the mistake of giving an allergy sufferer something that triggers their allergy. Lilies aren’t ideal for cat owners either since they can be poisonous to our feline friends.

That said, if you are confident that your friend is neither an allergy sufferer or a cat lover, then there are a wide variety of lily bouquets to choose from.*


Another flower you can’t go wrong with is the orchid. They’re popular all over the world for their long life and as an added bonus, they’re readily available for Christmas in the UK. They’re often given as sympathy flowers when given in muted colours, but if you want your recipient to feel a little more upbeat, then you can choose to give them in warmer colours.

Because of the different variety of orchids, you can give them to a variety of people. Whoever you want to give them to, you should be able to find a bouquet that matches them well. Click here to view some of the varieties available.*

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*Please note that links provided to Flowers Across Sydney are to show you the types of flowers available. UK readers will need to visit a British florist. 
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