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Alarm User Q&A - Darren Parris

• Written by Caitlin


Our Alarm User Q&A's provide a unique insight into our customer's lives and their experiences with the Lifeline24 Personal Alarm. In our latest Q&A, we speak to Darren Parris, one of our younger users at the age of 44. Darren is from Northampton and has had his alarm since July of 2015.

Mr Parris has had issues with his mobility since he was a child. In 2012 he was having to visit hospital almost everyday for dressing changes due to an unsuccessful ankle surgery. Two years later, he made the difficult choice to have his left leg amputated below the knee. In 2003 Mr Parris had suffered with Arthrodesis in his right leg, and in 2015 was faced with another difficult decision and chose to have his right leg amputated above the knee.

Why did you choose to order a Personal Alarm?

I’m coping well, but I do fall over a lot. I decided to get a Lifeline alarm because I was at risk (and had previously) fell over in the shower. I've also fallen out of the back of my wheelchair twice before, requiring an ambulance to be called.

Have you used the Personal Alarm?

Thankfully I have not had to use the personal alarm in an emergency situation yet, but having the peace of mind there should I need to is priceless.

How helpful were the Response Team during this incident?

My alarm was triggered in error while I was demonstrating to my son what to do in the case of an emergency - I then cancelled the call as quick as I could. I still had Lifeline call me saying there was an interrupted call, and they were checking to see if I was OK. This proved to me how responsive the Lifeline team are.

We decided to lock our side gate, fitted a key safe and called Lifeline to give them the details so that they could pass them on in an emergency if needed. They were more than happy to take the key safe number and said that this is a common request.

What difference has the Personal Alarm made?

The ‘insurance’ that the help is there should I need it has given me increased confidence and peace of mind.

What message would you give to those who are anxious about having a Personal Alarm?

Don’t be anxious, the peace of mind is priceless. The backup is great and there is no intrusion!

The Lifeline Alarm - How it Works

If you or a loved one feel that they would like extra support and reassurance at home then a Personal Alarm could be the perfect solution. We support those who want to stay independent at home for as long as possible. Our Personal Alarms work in the following way:

  • The alarm user needs assistance, so they press their red button which is worn around their neck or on their wrist.
  • An alarm call is answered by our 24-hour Response Team within seconds.
  • The Response Team tries to communicate with the alarm user by speaking to them over the loudspeaker and microphone built in to the base unit.
  • The Response Team arranges help for the user (whether they are able to speak to them or not) in the form of family, friends, neighbours or the emergency services.

If you're interested in acquiring a Personal Alarm and need more information then our customer service team are available seven days a week on 0800 999 0400 or info@lifeline24.co.uk. Alternatively, complete our contact us form and we will get back to you.

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