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24/7 Lifeline Support in Basildon

Basildon - Personal Alarm Service

We're an affordable, national provider of the Lifeline Alarm. Our service can help bring peace of mind to older and disabled people, as well as to their loved ones who often worry about them.


Suffering from a fall can be dangerous, especially if you live alone. Our alarms act as a lifeline for the people of Basildon and the United Kingdom. They're specifically designed for:

  • People living with a long-term medical condition.
  • Older and disabled people.
  • Anybody who lives alone.
  • Anybody looking to remain in the comfort of their own home, rather than going into care.

Take a look at our reviews to see the difference we have been making in people's lives. With a Lifeline Alarm, help is always just a push of a button away.


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