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Lifeline24 Bed Sensor

Introducing our new Bed Sensor from Lifeline24.

We are always looking to provide the very latest and most advanced accessories available for the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit. With this in mind, we are now happy to offer the Bed Sensor. Available on a yearly or monthly plan for £99.00 per year or £9.99 a month. Please call 0800 999 0400 to set up your alarm plan and order your Bed Sensor. All plans include a mandatory £35 set up fee and prices shown are VAT free.

How does the Bed Sensor work?

The standard Bed Sensor is placed underneath a mattress on a bed. A wider model is also available which can sit on top of a mattress. This gives increased sensitivity for users who are small, light, or move around a lot in their sleep.

When linked to our Lifeline Vi alarm unit, the Bed Sensor helps to manage the risks associated with independent living. It does this by raising an alarm if the user gets out of bed and does not come back within a certain time. The Bed Sensor also raises an alert if the user doesn’t go to bed by a certain time in the evening, or if they do not get up by a certain time in the morning.

Naturally, these times can be personalised to suit the individual user's routine.


The Bed Sensor is a pressure pad which monitors the occupancy of a bed. It can detect when the user leaves their bed during the night and whether or not they return in good time. The sensor can also identify when the user has not gotten into bed by a specified time. If it detects unexpected activity, it will automatically raise the alarm.


The Bed Sensor is for people who need extra support to enable independent living. It is ideal for those who have recently been discharged from hospital, elderly people, and/or those with mobility issues.

How does it connect to my alarm unit?

The Bed Sensor comes with a universal sensor. The Bed Sensor can be plugged into this universal sensor, which is able to send wireless signals to the Lifeline Vi Alarm unit.

This means the Bed Sensor does not have to be installed in the same room as the Lifeline Vi Alarm unit.

The universal sensor comes with a five-year battery life. This means minimal maintenance and maximum reassurance for the user.

Bed Sensor Features

  • Discreet pressure pad sensor for beds.
  • Transmits on the dedicated European 869MHz social alarm frequency for reliable, future-proofed operation. This guarantees that it does not interfere with any other radio equipment.
  • Wireless radio technology for flexibility on installation.
  • Automatic low battery warning ensuring optimum operation at all times.

Bed Sensor Benefits

  • Monitoring safety at any time of day or night, reducing the risks to an individual.
  • Increases the capacity for independent living with early identification of potential issues.
  • It is tailored to the individual's routine. It can therefore detect, monitor, and respond appropriately to unexpected activity.

The Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit

The Bed Sensor comes with the Lifeline Vi alarm unit: the heart of our services in your home. The Lifeline Vi alarm units are designed to last for over 10 years without ever needing a battery replacement. Each unit also features a backup battery which can provide up to 40 hours of power in the event of a power cut. The Lifeline Vi alarm unit is a plug-and-play device, meaning installation couldn’t be simpler. Once your alarm has arrived, all you need to do is:

  • Plug the alarm into your telephone socket and a power socket.
  • Then plug your telephone into the telephone adaptor provided.
  • Quickly & simply connect everything up.
  • Press the red help button and your new Lifeline Vi Alarm unit will be tested by the Care Team.

How to order your Bed Sensor

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from having a Bed Sensor, please give us a call on 0800 999 0400. Our friendly Customer Service team will be happy to set up your order. You can also call us to find out more about the Bed Sensor or any of the other alarm accessories we offer, such as keysafes and smoke detectors. Call 0800 999 0400 to speak with one of our advisors today.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"I was first struck by the immediate polite voice at the end of the line. The whole experience was easy and systematic and my mum now has the support she needs."

Mrs Sarah Smith

"They promised next day delivery and that’s what happened. The alarm means my son knows that I am safe, which makes me feel a lot more settled. Thank you for a brilliant service."

Mr Joe Doherty

"Lifeline24's staff are welcoming and friendly over the phone. They understand that the person on the other end may be an older person who may struggle with technology."

Miss Janet Moss

"Fast delivery ready for my return from hospital. Easy to set up and wear, plus it give me and my family peace of mind that I am safe. I recommend Lifeline very highly to all."

Mr Thom Vincent

"Everything was well packaged and arrived safely. In fact, this morning, after 24 hours at home, my mum had a fall and has to use the alarm, so I know it works brilliantly."

Mrs Katherine Todd

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"Since his personal alarm was installed, Peter’s self-confidence has been given a real boost. Now he feels safer than ever in his home. Peter says..."

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