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Top 5 Cardio Exercises for Older People

• Written by Fitness Goals


Performing cardio exercises on a regular basis is essential when it comes to older people staying healthy. It helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, which in-turn will make you feel more energetic, more able to manage your body weight and to sharpen your mind. Cardio exercises can also help you to stay young by reducing the signs of depression or anxiety. Before you start with your own cardio exercise routine, make sure to consult a doctor who can guide you according to your medical history.

It is not always mandatory that exercise should be boring because when it comes to cardio, it includes many fun sports and activities.

What are Cardio Exercises?

To be precise, cardiovascular exercises indicate the workout where the body pumps the blood quickly and increases the heart rate which in-turn burns more calories and boosts the capacity of lungs.

Here're five of our favourite cardio exercises:

1. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio exercises because they provide a person with the same results. Aerobic exercises enhance your fitness levels because it increases the heart rate as well as your oxygen intake capacity. Whenever a person is moving their large muscles, their heart will start to pump faster and harder, which is why aerobic and cardio sounds synonymous in the book of the endurance exercise.

2. Walking

Performing regular cardio is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking helps you to manage your weight and to improve your overall health by reducing your blood pressure and the risk of diabetes. Walking will help you to keep your heart healthy. Instead of taking the elevator, if you can take the stairs then it is also a kind of walking that will increase your heart's capacity.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a cardio exercise which benefits a person not only in the sector of promoting a healthy heart, but by also managing weight - which in-turn reduces the impact on your joints. When you are swimming you feel that you are relatively weightless, which is why you can smoothly glide through the water.

More people go swimming because they never get the hint of the intense hard work they are doing by taking part in this form of exercise. The movements which are made during the swimming make our body send more blood and oxygen to the tissues and improves the cardiovascular conditioning.


4. Biking

Biking is considered to be very healthy for the body because it not only gets all of your muscles moving, but also helps you to maintain a healthy heart. It increases your lung and heart's capacity and thereby improves your overall lifestyle by reducing the chance of encountering cardiac arrest or life-threatening conditions.

5. Triceps Extension

A tricep workout is important because the triceps contains the most vital part of your upper body. The functionality, flexibility and range of motion of your arm increases the more you work and strengthen these muscles. As a result, your performance improves in sports that require arm movements and upper body strength such as tennis, swimming, volleyball and basketball.

Cardio Exercises - Things to Keep in Mind

In the beginning, you can start with some 20 to 30 minutes workout sessions, and then you can gradually increase it with your endurance power. After a few weeks you will get acquainted with these types of exercises, which will make you feel comfortable. After this, you can push yourself harder and workout for longer.

You can also consume kratom supplements from kratom crazy as it helps in fighting any illness.

In the beginning, if you are not able to do it continuously, then you can take time off to rest. Just by replacing certain parts of your life with healthier habits you can achieve a better heart capacity. Older people who suffer from the fear of having heart issues should start sooner rather than later.

Apart from performing these exercises, one should also know that a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food. You need to be aware of what you eat because we all know that we are what we eat. Taking part in cardio routines regularly, whilst consuming the oily junk food will never lead to any positive changes in your body. If you are someone who has recently encountered any heart issues, then you should ask your physician for a perfect diet chart which you can follow by doing cardio exercises as well.

Routinely doing cardio exercises is very important because it helps you to increase your stamina. When you first begin with these exercises, do not push yourself too hard and try to develop your capacity by increasing the exercise daily. Set your daily goals and bring all the equipment necessary to perform these exercises. The cardio exercises will help you to recover from much serious illness starting from cancer to heart issues.

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