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Elderly in Cheltenham battle to save Lifeline bus

• Written by Josh


Elderly residents in Cheltenham have started a petition to try and save a bus route in their town which has been labelled by many as their lifeline. The bus in question would take them to their local community centre and without it, many residents would be unable to get there.

As reported on the ITV News website, a new route has been unveiled by Stagecoach for the 'C bus service' in Cheltenham. On the new route, the bus will no longer serve Springbank Way - a road where many elderly residents live and use the bus.

The bus in question also stops close to a doctor's surgery, which is another vital place for the elderly and disabled to visit. A petition has been started by residents which has already received over 700 signatures.

Here are a few reasons why it is important that the elderly in Cheltenham can continue to get to their community centre.

How community centres help

Community centres are vitally important to the lives of the elderly and disabled as it gives them somewhere to go, and something to do. Loneliness is a huge issue here in the UK and can cause people to feel unwanted and depressed. Dementia has also been linked to loneliness in recent months.

By going to community centres such as the one in Cheltenham, the elderly and disabled can meet new people and therefore make new friends. Becoming a member of a social 'unit' or club can do so much for a person's confidence and well-being.

Belonging to a group such as this can give a person a great sense of pride – along with somewhere to go on a weekly basis.

The friends that you make there can become your friends outside of the club as well. You can go round to each other's homes, go for meals and to the shops. Having friends can make the elderly feel much safer.

Taking part in games and other activities is also good for elderly people's health. Playing card games and puzzles keep their minds and brains working - a brilliant way of limiting the chances of getting dementia.

Lifeline at home

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Once the situation has been assessed the Response Team will then begin to call your emergency contacts. These are selected by you during the set-up process and are usually made-up of family members, close friends and neighbours.

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