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Lifeline24 Is Covid-19 Secure

• Written by Katie


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we want to reassure our customers that the Lifeline24 alarm service is operating as normal.

As always, our Emergency Response Team are on hand to answer your alarm calls. We will continue to work hard protecting both new and existing customers, as well as our hardworking staff.

Lifeline24 and Covid-19

At Lifeline24, we have several measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff. These allow us to keep providing our life-saving service throughout the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, our Emergency Response Team continues to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency calls, getting alarm users the help they need when they need it. What's more, our Customer Service Team remains fully operational. This means we can offer support and advice to both new and existing customers.

What's New At Lifeline24?

We've been working hard to support our customers at every opportunity. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we've introduced a new service: Reassurance Calls. If you or your loved one live alone, it's only natural to want reassurance that everything is alright, especially at times like these. With the Reassurance Calls service, we can call you or your vulnerable loved one as frequently as you'd like. This could serve as a helpful reminder to take medication, a chance to voice safety concerns, or simply a way to check-in and see how you're feeling.

Reassurance Calls are available totally free of charge for the first month. Thereafter, the service costs just 95p* per call or £16* per month. For more information, or to arrange Reassurance Calls for yourself or a loved one, just give us a call on 0800 999 0400.

*Plus VAT.

Advice For Existing Customers

As far as your personal alarm service is concerned, it's business as usual here at Lifeline24. We have social distancing measures in place at our headquarters, including a one-way system and sanitising stations to keep our staff safe. This has meant that our Emergency Response Team and Customer Service Team have been able to carry on supporting you and your loved ones since the pandemic began.

If you have any questions about Lifeline24 and Covid-19, we will be happy to help resolve them. Why not leave a comment at the bottom of this post, use our online Contact Us form, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter? Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 999 0400 to speak with our Customer Service experts.

Advice For New Customers

This is a concerning time for many of us. Lots of people are looking for some extra peace of mind, either for themselves or maybe for a vulnerable loved one. In other words, the Lifeline alarm service is more vital than ever. That's why we want to reassure new and prospective customers that the Lifeline service is totally Covid-19 secure.

Contact-Free Setup

The Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm is a simple yet powerful piece of equipment. Because it is so easy to install, there is no need for an engineer to enter your home and set up the system. To get your new alarm up and running, all you need to do is:

  1. Plug the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit into your existing telephone socket.
  2. Plug the alarm into a power socket.
  3. Connect your telephone to the back of the alarm using the adaptor provided.
  4. Press the red button on the unit to test your new alarm.

This makes the system perfect for those who are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, since it allows you to maintain social distancing and/or shielding. We work closely with our manufacturers to provide the simplest system possible, so that anyone can set it up themselves. Regardless, if you need any help with your setup, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly Customer Service team are always on hand to support you.

VAT Exemption

As we know, there are certain conditions that make people more vulnerable to Covid-19, such as asthma, diabetes, or Parkinson's Disease. Any of these conditions, among many others, make you eligible for VAT exemption on a Lifeline alarm. Our whole range of Lifeline alarms is available with VAT Exemption. What's more, the vast majority of our customers (more than 90%) qualify for exemption due to a long-term medical condition or disability.

Therefore, you are very likely to avoid paying at VAT whatsoever on your new Lifeline alarm. During these difficult times, we want to offer peace of mind and protection to as many people as possible. We have always been proud to offer our life-saving service at an affordable price, but we have also put further reductions in place to make our services even more accessible.

24/7 Customer Support

Naturally, our Emergency Response Team is available to answer alarm calls around the clock. But did you know that our Customer Service phone line is also open 24/7? If you have a question about your alarm or an issue with your setup, we understand how important it is to get answers fast. That's why we provide customer service support throughout the day and night, as part of our mission to give all our customers total peace of mind.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about your Lifeline alarm, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via telephone on 0800 999 0400, by email at info@lifeline24.co.uk, or via our Contact Us page, where you'll find links to our social media and a handy contact form.

You can also order a Lifeline alarm online today.

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