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Case Study: Meet Our Lifeline Customer Service Team - Tommie

• Written by Roshan


Meet our Lifeline Customer Service Team in this special Case Study.  Today we are speaking to Tommie, who is one of the many call handlers who answer any queries you might have and assist you with your alarm account. We asked Tommie a few questions about working in our Customer Service Team to give you a look at who is on the other end of the phone.


Name: Tommie
Favourite Musician: Eclectic
Last thing you watched: NCIS
Favourite Place: Home

Being a Lifeline Customer Service Executive, you have to adapt to different situations on a daily basis. Why did you decide to do this job?

"Because I like to make a difference and I believe that by taking on this role I can try to help people. It makes our alarm users feel safer at home and their loved ones know they have help at just the press of a button. It makes me feel very proud to do my job."

How do you feel the Lifeline service helps people?

"Lifeline24 gives so many people peace of mind. Not only for the alarm user but also the friends and family surrounding them. I have spoken to some of our current alarm users who have been saved by pressing their button and gotten the help they needed from our Response Team and sometimes I do think that it has been the difference between them being alright or being in a very serious situation."

Have you any advice for someone considering a Lifeline alarm?

"I would always recommend our service to everybody who believes they would like that peace of mind. You have to make a choice between potentially not having help when you need it most or being reassured you will get assistance when you are at your most vulnerable. For me it is a no brainer - I wouldn't put myself or my loved ones at risk by not having the alarm in place."

You speak to a wide variety of people every day in the Lifeline Customer Service Team, how do you adapt to each call?

"I listen to each and every person that calls us, listen to their needs, listen and answer their questions. I have years of experience and I do try to use that to my advantage by making every call personal."

What is the best part of what you do?

"I remember there was a call where an elderly woman had lost her husband and did not feel safe in her home anymore. She was alone and did not have any family to support her. After speaking with her for some time, she agreed to try our plan and she called back later that evening to thank me for just listening to her. Truthfully, it brought a tear to my eye because if I can help someone feel more confident or even to know they are not alone, then that's enough for me."

What do you think is important for people to know about your job?

"We are not a sales team because we are here to help people in whatever capacity they need when it comes to their personal alarm journey. We are open and honest to all of our customers and advise them to the best of our ability to ensure they get the correct product that suits their needs. It isn't always easy but it is incredibly rewarding."

The Lifeline Alarm Case Study

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Meet the Lifeline Customer Service Team.  If you would like more information about our personal alarms, you can speak to our friendly team on 0800 999 0400 or you can send an email to info@lifeline24.co.uk. Alternatively, if you would like to go ahead and place an order you can do so via our website.

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