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Elderly Alarm for elderly gardeners

• Written by Josh


The summer months are nearly upon us and the temperatures are on the rise. Summer time is when people begin gardening and many elderly residents like to look after their gardens by planting flowers and cutting their lawns. Today we give you a guide to our elderly alarm system, which could come in very handy whilst you are outside gardening.

Lifeline24 is the UK's most affordable provider of the elderly alarm. We feel that our device could be of use to those of you who do like to get outside during the summer.

Elderly Gardeners at Risk

The sun is out and the days are long, what a perfect opportunity for you to really show-off your garden and to make it look amazing. This is what many elderly residents like to do here in the United Kingdom.

Whether it is planting new plants and flowers, cutting back hedges and bushes or simply mowing the lawn - the elderly like to keep themselves active in the garden. Although this may seem harmless at the time, there are dangers when it comes to gardening.

As we are all too aware the elderly are more prone to suffering from falls. Gardening can involve the elderly constantly moving around as they bend down to plant flowers or lean over things to water all of their plants. It is possible for someone's knees to give way as they go to kneel down, or for an elderly person to lose their balance as they are watering flowers.

Gardening could also be considered as a workout for the elderly as well. Putting strain or pressure on their muscles for too long could cause aches and pains, which could again cause a fall or for them to feel unwell.

When you consider that it is likely to be warm as well, this adds even more pressure to the body. As we discovered last week the elderly are advised to avoid staying outside in the sun for too long. The warm weather, added to the work load of gardening, to cause the elderly to feel faint and dizzy.

Then of course there are the regular gardening problems which we all face. This would include the risk of cutting yourself on gardening equipment or sharp plants, along with being stung by nettles or wasps!

Elderly Alarm

The elderly alarm from Lifeline24 is the perfect solution to the risks of gardening and could easily end-up saving your life. The system comes in two parts, including the Lifeline Vi Alarm base unit and the MyAmie Pendant. 

The base unit is plugged into your existing telephone socket and a power socket. Your telephone will then be plugged into the back of the base unit. The MyAmie Pendant can be worn around your neck or wrist. The decision is yours and both attachments come inside the box.

What makes the pendant great for gardeners is that it has an impressive range of up to 100 metres. This means that, depending on the size of your garden, you can wear it whilst you are cutting the grass, cutting back hedges and planting new flowers.

All you would need to do if you had a fall out in the garden or if you felt unwell would be to press the red button on your pendant. This sends an alert to our 24/7 TSA Accredited Response Team, who work 365 days a year to ensure your safety giving you a platinum service.

Just as with any situation where the button has been pressed, a member of the team would try to speak with you over the loudspeaker on the base unit. If he or she did not hear a response they would begin to call for your emergency contacts. These are selected by our customers when they order their elderly alarm, and usually comprises of family members, close friends or neighbours.

Your contacts would be notified that your button has been pushed and that you may need help urgently.

The pendant has been designed to be as comfortable and as stylish as possible and is also waterproof so that you can wear it in the bath or shower. It will also not interfere with any other medical equipment that you may have inside your home, due to it being on the 869MHz European Social Alarm frequency.

Order Today

Our elderly alarm is available on three different price packages. You can choose to pay for the system on our Monthly Plan, Annual Plan or Lifetime Plan. The choice is yours and we simply suggest that you choose the package that is suited to your financial situation.

You can order an elderly alarm throughout our website or by giving a member of our sales team a call on 0800 999 0400. The team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our product and services. Use the discount code BLOG2016 to receive £5 off the Monthly or Annual Plan.

Without an elderly alarm with your in the garden, nobody may be able to help you for hours if you fall or feel unwell. Our service could make all the difference and could end up saving your life.

*We suggest that you test your elderly alarm outside in your garden once your receive it to ensure that it will connect to the base unit - and to see how far it will reach in your garden. 

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