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Best Tablet Games For The Elderly: Our Top 5 Ranked

• Written by Roshan


It can be incredibly hard to keep busy during this time of self-isolation, where some might argue distraction is needed more than ever. With most people living in the modern age of technology and owning either a smart phone or a tablet of some kind, we delve into a list of the best tablet games for the elderly and how brainteasers, puzzles and word games can help older generations in more ways than one.

Here are 5 of the best ones to get stuck into!

1.Words With Friends

Image credit: zynga.com

Potentially one of the most popular word-based tablet games out there right now - Words With Friends is essentially a digital Scrabble. You can test your vocabulary as well as your mind and even better you get to play against friends and family! This is actually a really popular game with my mum and I - we normally always have a game of it on the go and it can be a nice way to connect!

Download from Google Play or from the App Store

2. Clockwork Brain

Image credit: windowscentral.com

Test your brain and your limits with this fun and challenging game! Specially created to test cognitive skills such as memory, dexterity and language, Clockwork Brain is a great way to train your brain on a daily basis with a simple interface to boot. You will even get personalised "workouts" based on the puzzles you enjoy cracking and you can track your performance to see how well your brain is doing!

Download on Google Play or the App Store

3. Dots

Image credit: dots.co

Described as a game about connecting - Dots is incredibly simple to use, making it one of the most perfect tablet games for the elderly that's out there. With three different ways of playing, Timed Mode, Moves Mode or Endless Mode, you connect dots of the same colour either vertically or horizontally to win points. Understandably the simplicity of it makes it quite an addictive game and before you know it you will be a pro!

Download on Google Play or the App Store

4. Kami 2

Image credit: stateofplaygames.com

With hundreds of beautifully hand crafted puzzles, Kami 2 combines elements of problem-solving and logic to give your brain a good workout. The reason we have picked it as one of the best tablet games for the elderly is due to its calming design, its great challenges and the fact that you can create your own puzzles using the Puzzle Builder and them with your friends and family for them to have a go! The possibilities really are endless.

Download on Google Play or the App Store

5. Scrabble Go

Image credit: Scopely

Last but by no means least, the family favourite that is Scrabble! Or in this case the app version of Scrabble Go. Much in the same way as the popular board game, play with friends and family and build your score using Scrabble word dictionaries and more. On top of that, you can collect custom tiles that you can then use in your games or play 4 of the unique word games to test your skills.

Download on Google Play or the App Store

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