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Case Study: Meet The Emergency Response Team – Bronwyn & Danni

• Written by Roshan


Meet our Business Administrators who assist our Emergency Response Team in this case study. Today we are speaking to Bronwyn and Danni who work within the alarm response team, performing the IT work needed for everything to run smoothly. We’ve asked them a few questions to get an insight into what it is they do for Lifeline24 and how they help you.

What made you want to work for Lifeline24?

Bronwyn: I first wanted to work for Lifeline24 because its a company with a great purpose. Lifeline saves people’s lives on a daily basis and it feels amazing to be a part of something like this. Going to work every morning is so rewarding. Knowing that I'm directly influencing such an amazing company and contributing to the life-saving service is incredible. 

Danni: I think I first decided I wanted to work for Lifeline24 because not only did it look like a great place to work in terms of the work environment, but the potential to save lives and help those in need was what attracted me to the role.

What does a business administrator do?

Bronwyn: As a Business administrator, we assist the team in updating the client’s data on our system to ensure every piece of information about them is known for when emergencies do occur. If anything was to be missing, it would make the Emergency Response Team call handlers job a lot harder and it would be a much longer process for them which could affect their response time and thus, the customer. Luckily, we have such a great team here at Lifeline, we don't have any of these problems! As well as helping with general administration, we help the team with training and to always improve and be aware of new processes through quality control. Wmonitor the alarm response team's work and update them on their overall daily statistics.

Danni: Business administrators are kind of like a back up crew - we basically make sure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes on a daily basis. We take on any excess workload that the team have so that their main workload isn't affected.

Do you work closely with the Emergency Response Team call handlers?

Bronwyn: I work alongside the call handlers in the same office - it’s a really friendly environment. I usually keep myself to myself in order to focus on my work as although it is a friendly, upbeat environment to work in, there is a lot of concentration needed and there is very little chatter due to the fact alarm calls are constantly being answered and they are our number on priority. Most of the time I communicate with the Call Handlers in order to check we aren’t crossing paths or to see if they need any assistance with their call - I try and assist them with the admin surrounding their calls as much as I can because the more time they have free, the more time they have to answer their life saving calls. We've got more than enough staff to cover all calls so its a very large team with lots of different personalities which is lovely!

Danni: Yes and I would say that even though we are in close proximity with them, communication is really key. Not only does it help us to be as efficient as we possible can be but most of the time it can be the difference that saves someones life or ensures that we send help to the right address for example. Teamwork is so important in this job and I think that our team are amazing at what they do.

Do you enjoy your job?

Bronwyn: I do really enjoy my job. It’s nice knowing the work you’re doing is going towards something other people really benefit from. The actual working environment also makes it enjoyable - those working for the company and management itself really make you feel part of the company and very appreciated as we're all working towards the same goal - saving lives.

DanniDefinitely. I see it as helping my colleagues in order for them to be able to help people in need, such as the alarm users. In a way it's very personal - you get to know people in the team and you want to make sure that you are supporting them the best way that you can. I'm incredibly proud of what we do here.

Why do you think the Emergency Response Team provide such an amazing service?

Bronwyn: I love seeing the work of the call handlers, purely for the fact they speak to customers like they would to any of us they work with - so friendly and approachable. They’re always answering the calls with so much passion and you can tell they want to help and enjoy giving the help they do give. If I was a customer of lifeline, I’d buzz in everyday just to talk to them!

Danni: They answer each call so quickly and they speak to everyone with the same level of courtesy and clarity - even if it is an incredibly difficult or urgent situation. Our Emergency Response Team are so understanding, so even if it is an accidental call or if someone is particular fragile and just needs some reassurance, they're always there to help. If I was an alarm user that needed to speak to them, I would feel so reassured and would know that they were going to get me the help I needed.

If you could give advice to someone debating whether to get an alarm or not, what would it be?

Bronwyn: For anyone - regardless of whether they have an illness or not - the alarms will always be such a big help, especially because it’s a 24-hour service. Even if you feel you’re not at that point you need personal care, it gives you so much reassurance knowing it’s there if you need it, as well as the feeling of still having independence.  

DanniAs odd as it sounds, you honestly could not be experiencing an emergency with better help than this Emergency Response Team. Like I said before, if I was in distress they would be the ones that I would want to speak to because they have the training to deal with these situations. If you are feeling unsafe or fragile or just like you need a bit of extra support - an alarm shouldn't be a choice it should just be a fact. If it is going to make your life easier then why wouldn't you get one?

The Lifeline Alarm Case Study

We hope you enjoyed the third edition of Meet the Emergency Response Team.  If you would like more information about our personal alarms you can get in touch with our sales team seven days a week. You can get in touch with them over the phone on on 0800 999 0400 or via email to info@lifeline24.co.uk. Alternatively, if you would like to place an order you can do so via our website.

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