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Fall alarm: lifesaving in winter

• Written by Thom


Increased risk of falls

Winter, when it is colder and icy can be more dangerous for all of us. But especially for the elderly or disabled, who are more at risk to falls. At Lifeline 24, we encourage the elderly to purchase a fall alarm before it is needed. Far too often we have orders after a fall has taken place and wonder how we could have helped at the time of the first fall.

A fall in older age is far more dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even worse. Long stints in hospital are common after falls, and it's important that help can get to you as soon as possible.

Fall alarm for winter

If you have suffered a fall, a fall alarm can provide you peace of mind that help will be available if you ever need it again. We hope that an event such as a fall won't happen again, but it's good to have the assurance that you are not alone.

Our fall alarm is simply a pendant that can be worn around the neck, wrist or belt. It is comfortable, light weight and even waterproof for use in the bathroom. It's large range is especially useful in the winter so that you are able to use the alarm in the drive or garden. Falls are common in driveways and gardens when its slippery or icy underfoot in the winter. If the case of a fall your alarm can still activate and reach us when you press the button; and help will soon be on its way.

Winter safety tips

To prevent against falls in the winter you should keep your home warm and eat plenty of good nutritious foods. Exercising regularly will also help keep your body fit and healthy. You should also check with your GP that all your medicines are the correct dosage and aren't causing any effects such as dizziness or light headedness. For more tips read our self care article, here.

To order a fall alarm call 0800 999 0400 or visit the Lifeline24 website today!

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