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Common medicines may increase risk of falls

• Written by Thom


According to a recent study, some very common over-the-counter medicines can dramatically increase the risk of falls in older men. The study was undertaken by researchers at the University of East Anglia.

These include drugs for conditions like hayfever and insomnia. Professor Rose Anne Kenny, of Trinity College Dublin, noted that ‘falls are one of the leading causes of loss of independence as people get older. If early risk factors are identified and modified, falls can be prevented. This paper highlights important new risk factors.'

Reducing the Risk of Falls

Falls are already a leading cause of death and serious injury for the over-65 population and this research may go some way in reducing this risk. However, when falls happen it can often be the aftermath that causes long term physical and mental scars.

Older people can often lay on the ground for hours with no way of calling for help. It is in these situations where a personal alarm system can make all the difference.

Using the Lifeline Alarm

Our system has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The user can choose to wear their pendant around their wrist or around their neck, depending on their preference. If he or she should suffer from a fall or feel unwell then all they need to do is to press the red button on their pendant.

This will send an alert to the Response Team, who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. A member of the team will try and communicate with the user over the alarm base unit's loudspeaker system. After accessing the situation the Response Team will begin to call for your emergency services - usually family members, close friends or neighbours - before phoning the emergency services if they are also needed.

You can add as many emergency contacts to your account as you like - although we usually advise that you aim for 5-6 people.

For more information on how a Lifeline Alarm can help ease the risk of falls, please call us on free-phone 0800 999 0400 today. Alternatively, you can read our in-depth guide, or complete our contact us form.

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