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Boosting your Finances for Home Support

• Written by June Brown


Most older people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. For many, they’ve lived there for years and their home contains special memories. On average, care homes cost a staggering £33,000 per year, so it makes sense for older people to seek ways of being supported in their own surroundings.

However, home support can be expensive too, if you don’t mitigate your costs and shop around for aids, such as our affordable personal alarms. There are a few simple steps that you can take to boost your finances at home.

Consider your needs

There are a substantial number of products that can help older people at home, however you may not require all of them. Before forking out on multiple items, think about the areas where you struggle and then look at the aids which could improve your day to day life, provide peace of mind and which you would utilize. Over time, you can purchase additional goods to assist you in the home.

We would advise anyone living with long-term medical conditions to invest in a personal alarm. If you're concerned about door knockers, then perhaps installing some CCTV devices may help put your mind at ease.

Benefits and allowances

Ensure you’re receiving all the benefits and allowances which you are entitled to. You may think you’re already getting everything you can, but it’s worth double checking to make sure you haven’t missed anything or to see whether there’s anything new due soon which could benefit you and your finances.

The Cold Weather Cash and Winter Fuel Payment schemes were set up to help those with their energy bills - a utility bill many forget about. So be sure to check your eligibility for these, too, as the payments can be significant enough to really help cover the cost of home support. Other support that older people could receive include:

  • A free TV licence if you're aged 75 or over.
  • The Personal Independence Payment to help with your mobility and care costs.
  • Pension Credit.

Ditch the big brands

Over 60s are entitled to free prescriptions on the NHS. However, many basic medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin are not prescription drugs. Older people can save pennies and even pounds by opting for generic over the counter tablets rather than the branded versions.

The active ingredient in these medicines is exactly the same and the only notable difference may be the taste and appearance and, of course, the cost, therefore there’s no reason not to make the most of the budget friendly alternatives.

The costs can quickly mount up for seniors looking for support in the home. However, taking steps to raise and save cash where possible is beneficial and can ease the cost of purchasing support aids for the home.

For further advice, read our article on the top 10 finance tips for older people. 

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