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Remembering to help the elderly residents

• Written by Josh


Everybody here at Lifeline24 was delighted this week after watching a video of a man helping an elderly woman to cross the road. As the nation's favourite personal alarm provider, we feel that it is important that we all remember to help the elderly residents around us.

The example given took place on the Isle of Wight earlier this week. A video was uploaded onto Facebook which showed a man stopping at the side of the road, before getting out of his car to help an elderly woman cross the busy road.

This act of kindness was brilliant to see. The video has since gone viral online with people expressing their delight at seeing such an act, in a modern day world where this seems like a rare occurrence. You can watch the video below:

As we are all aware, older people can become less mobile and able to complete every day tasks. We should all be doing our bit to help the elderly and today we give you some examples of what you can do to help:

  • Help to cross the road - As shown in the video, if you see an elderly person struggling to get across the road and you can help them without causing any danger then you can do so.
  • Help in stores - We often see the elderly struggling to carry their shopping or to reach certain items in shops. If you see this happening then why not offer to help them with their shopping, by carrying their basket and grabbing items which are high-up on the shelves.
  • Help around the house - If your grandparents like to keep their house and garden looking good then you could maybe help them do so. Maybe you could paint their fences, cut their lawns, dust and hoover the house? Every little thing helps.
  • Family Meals - Loneliness is a huge issue in the UK for elderly. A way to help combat this would be to invite your elderly relatives or friends round for Sunday Dinner! The smile that this would put on somebodies face is priceless.
  • Volunteer - There are several charities and community centres that are on the look out for volunteers. These places allow the elderly to meet new friends, take part in activities and to remain healthy and happy. Centres cannot cope with the demand without the help of the volunteers.

Personal Alarms

Purchasing a personal alarm from Lifeline24 is a great way of looking after your elderly relatives or friends. Our system has been specifically designed for the elderly who may have poor mobility or who live alone.

With our system you will receive a base unit, which plugs into your telephone socket, and a MyAmie Pendant which can be worn around the neck or wrist depending on the person's preference. The little pendant is waterproof so that you can keep it on in the bath or shower, and has an impressive range of around 100 metres - which means it will still work outside in the garden.

All the wearer would need to do if they felt unwell or suffered from a fall at home would be to push the red button on their pendant or base unit. This sends an alert message to our 24/7 Response Team who will react immediately by trying to communicate with you over the base unit's loudspeaker.

Once the situation has been assessed he or she will then begin to call for your emergency contacts - usually family members, close friends and neighbours - to inform them that you require assistance. The emergency services will also be contacted if they are required, and the Response Team will pass on any medical notes to the paramedics.

You can order a personal alarm through our website or by giving our sales team a call on 0800 999 0400. Members of the team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our system.

Use the discount code BLOG2016 either online or over the phone to receive £10 off the price of the monthly or annual price plan.

*Credit for the video goes to Anni Ruecroft

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