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How Does a Lifeline Alarm Work?

Most of our alarm users are new to the Telecare industry and the first question they ask is 'How Does a Lifeline Alarm Work?' In short, the Lifeline alarm gives the user peace of mind and independence at home. It allows the user to call for assistance with just the touch of a button. This simple yet effective system comes in two parts: the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and the MyAmie Pendant. Keep reading to find out more!

How Does a - Lifeline Vi Alarm Base Unit Work?

To answer the question ‘How Does a Lifeline Alarm Work?’ we’ll explain the two key components of a Lifeline Alarm. The first is the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit – the core of our system.

Manufactured by industry leaders Tunstall, the base unit contains cutting-edge alarm technology in a sleek, discreet casing. It uses your landline telephone connection to call through to our Response Team in emergencies. The built-in loudspeaker allows our team to communicate with you when you need help – it’s loud enough that you can hear it even if you’re in another room. It also features a built-in microphone, so you can talk to the Response Team about what has happened. In addition, the alarm unit’s 40-hour backup battery means that not even a power cut can disrupt your Lifeline service.

How Does a MyAmie Pendant Work?

The second part of a Lifeline Alarm is the MyAmie Pendant. This is a small but powerful piece of alarm technology from industry-leading manufacturer Tunstall.

In an emergency, all you need to do is press the red button on your MyAmie Pendant. This will activate an alarm call, which will go straight through to our Emergency Response Team. The team will communicate with you through the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and send help to you immediately. They will do this by calling your emergency contacts (relatives, friends, and/or neighbours who you nominate) and, if necessary, the emergency services.


The MyAmie Pendant has a battery life of seven years, so no charging is required. It is completely waterproof and has a range of 100 metres, allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind throughout your home and garden, even when bathing, showering, or washing the dishes.

You’ll receive two attachments for your MyAmie Pendant, so you can choose how you’d like to wear it. You can choose between the comfortable neck cord or an adjustable wrist strap. Whichever option you choose, the MyAmie Pendant is stylish and discreet; it can be tucked under a shirt or up your sleeve if you so wish. It is designed to be as comfortable as possible – in fact, lots of alarm users tell us they don’t take their pendants off to go to the shops or meet with friends!

Joining the Lifeline personal alarm service is quick and simple!


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  • 24/7 Monitoring


A keysafe is a great way of ensuring that your emergency contacts and paramedics can get into your home once you have pressed your pendant. If your emergency contacts cannot be reached by our Response Team, how will the emergency services get in if your door is locked?

Customers with a keysafe pass on their code to our Response Team, who can then share this with paramedics and any emergency contacts who don’t have their own key. The time saved here could make all the difference.

Having a keysafe improves the overall security of your home.

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