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Spare Chair Sunday: Lifeline 24 shows support

• Written by Josh


Lifeline 24 would like to show our support for the Spare Chair Sunday campaign, organised by Bisto and Contact the Elderly.

Loneliness has become a part of being elderly and it has been in the media spotlight during the Christmas period. Many companies raised awareness with their Christmas adverts, including John Lewis's man on the moon campaign.

Nobody deserves to be lonely and Lifeline 24 believes that we should all be doing our part to help prevent loneliness and ensure that the elderly feel wanted and safe.

Spare Chair Sunday

The Spare Chair Sunday campaign states that for one in seven older people, Sunday dinner is the loneliest time of the week. This is disappointing because for many people here in the UK it is the one meal that we all look forward to the most.

It's the meal where the family comes together around the dining room table and has a good time eating some of their favourite foods. It is the time to reflect, spread news, tell jokes and to simply have a good time.

The Bisto advert is narrated by 93-year-old Connie, who has been invited over by a family for Sunday dinner. She talks about how Sunday lunch is special, despite the fact she doesn't have the chance to do it very often.

Connie is just one of many elderly people who eat alone. Her praise for this campaign and Sunday dinners shows how much love Britain has for this tradition.

Spare Chair Sunday gives you the chance to help by inviting an elderly resident to your Sunday meal. All the organisers ask is that your house has easy access and has a downstairs toilet.

Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly aim to combat loneliness and social isolation amongst the older generation. Alongside their support for the Spare Chair Sunday campaign, they also organise special tea parties across the country.

Run by volunteers these monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties, for people aged 75, help to bring people together in different communities. They hope these national events can help to defeat loneliness here in the UK.

Personal Alarms

Alongside your support for the Spare Chair Sunday campaign, why not help improve the safety and confidence of an elderly relative or friend by purchasing a Lifeline 24 personal alarm.

Our alert systems are easy to setup and simple to use. If you suffer from a fall or feel that something isn't right then all you need to do is to press the big red help button on your pendant.

A member of our 27/7 Response Team will then speak to you over the base unit's loudspeaker system. Help will be arranged by contacting the user's emergency contacts and, if needed, the emergency services.

The system ensures that people living alone can feel safe and confident with the knowledge that help is just one click away.

For more information please visit the Lifeline 24 website or give a member of our sales team a call on 0800 999 0400.

Order today using the discount code BLOG2016 and you will save £10 on your first Monthly or Annual plan.

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