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Lifeline Alarms: A quick guide

The Lifeline Vi Alarm provides a hub for telecare technology in the home. Lifeline alarms are compatible with a wide range of useful devices and sensors, which can be chosen according to the needs of the user. The Lifeline Vi Alarm takes just a couple of minutes to set up. With no moving parts, it is robust and reliable, giving you peace of mind that it will always be ready when needed.

  • Lifeline Alarm integral ambient temperature sensor.
  • Automated regular pendant test reminder.
  • The latest Lifeline Alarm has a 75% more efficient power adaptor.
  • Improved virtual sensor management.
  • Lifeline Alarm enhanced reminders.
  • Table stand/wall mount options.


Each Lifeline alarm comes with a comfortable, lightweight pendant, which can be worn around the wrist or the neck. They are ideal for elderly people, disabled people, those with chronic illnesses or anyone who just needs a little bit of reassurance to remain independent at home. This is how the alarm system works:

  • The user of the alarm needs help, so they press the button on the pendant they are wearing.
  • An alarm call is received almost immediately by our UK-based, 24-hour monitoring centre.
  • The Response Team will communicate with the user by speaking to them over the loudspeaker on the alarm.
  • The Response Team then arrange help in the form of family, neighbours or the emergency services.

MyAmie Alarm Pendant

The MyAmie is a small, discreet, and stylish pendant button. It operates using the the 869MHz European Social Alarm frequency, which means that it doesn’t interfere with other medical equipment in the home. It also means that the pendant has a huge range of up to 100 metres from the alarm base unit; the user can raise an alarm call in an emergency, even if the base unit is out of reach or in another room.

In response to feedback, Tunstall has developed a very comfortable pendant that is half the size of the previous model, yet the red button is a third larger. The unique oval design enables the pendant to be switched around for use with either a wide or a narrow wrist strap, as well as supporting multiple wearing options – wrist, neck, keyring or belt clip.

New Features

  • 7 year battery life: When the pendant battery gets low, we automatically receive a warning and we will send you a brand new replacement right away.
  • Waterproof Pendant: This means it can be used in the shower or bath – places where falls are very likely to occur. A waterproof pendant means that you are protected at all times.
  • Huge range of up to 100 metres: Covering you throughout the house and garden.


The Lifeline Alarm unit is pre-programmed before you receive it, so there is no need for installation engineers.

Installation is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes. The standard Lifeline Alarm is a plug-and-play unit - simply plug it in and switch on the power and you'll be ready to go! Once connected, you will complete a test call with our UK Response Team, to ensure the Lifeline Alarm is set up correctly. The installation procedure is outlined in this helpful video.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

£12.99 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof MyAmie Pendant
  • 100m Alert Range
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Most Popular
New Technology
£16.00 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof Fall Detector
  • Fall Detection Service
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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