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Lifeline Alarms: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

• Written by Thom


We are always trying to make things easier and more transparent for our customers. To help ensure that our Lifeline Alarms are easy to understand, we've put together our five most frequently asked questions.

These are the questions that you have been asking our customer service team the most, and we'd like to share our answers with you.  For further information about our service, please read our in-depth alarm guide.

1. How do the Lifeline Alarms work?

This is often the first question we get asked and we are more than happy to help! Our service can be explained in five easy steps:

  1. The user of the alarm wears a small, waterproof pendant button around their neck or wrist.
  2. If the user becomes unwell, has a fall or needs help for any reason they press this button to activate the alarm.
  3. The alarm call is then raised with our 24/7 Response Team, who will speak with the user over the loudspeaker on the alarm base unit.
  4. The monitoring centre then arrange the appropriate help by calling a neighbour, family member, friend or the emergency services.
  5. Help arrives to resolve the situation.

2. What happens if I'm not near the base unit?

This is a very common question and rightly so as it naturally follows from step three above. The Lifeline Alarm's base unit has a built-in microphone and a speaker, just like a loudspeaker phone. This function has been designed so that the alarm user can hear the Response Team, even if they're in another room.

However, there are situations whereby the alarm user cannot speak to the Response Team - they may be in the garden, in the bathroom or perhaps even unconscious. In these situations the Response Team will see that the alarm call has been raised and try to call the user's house phone. If the user doesn't answer, they will start calling the emergency contacts or the paramedics.

If there is no response, the Response Team will always assume that you need help!

3. How quickly can I get Lifeline Alarms set-up?

We have plenty of customers who are about to leave hospital or who are at immediate risk because of a change in circumstance. These people need Lifeline Alarms more than anyone and they need them quickly. That's why once we have received your order by phone, post or online the alarm will be dispatched with free next day delivery. This means the alarm system can be up and running within 24-hours.

Installation is also quick and simple and can be completed by the alarm user within a few minutes.

4. How do I install my Lifeline Alarm?

Speaking of the installation, all the alarm user will need to do is to plug the base unit into their existing telephone socket and a power socket. You can then connect your telephone to the base unit using the adapter provided, and you'll be ready to test your alarm.

This is done by pressing the red button on the base unit. A Response Team member will ensure that everything is working as it should be and will also ensure that they have the correct details for you.

5. Will my Lifeline Alarm still work during a power cut?

Fortunately, our Lifeline Alarms will still work during a power cut. The base unit has a back-up battery which has a 40-hour rechargeable battery, and this will boot-up once the mains power has been lost. Once power is restored, the back-up battery will begin recharging once again - ready for the next power cut.

Personal Alarm Information

For more information about our life-saving personal alarm service, please get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 999 0400. Alternatively, complete our contact us form or take a look through our FAQ's page to see if your question has been answered on there.


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