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Lifeline 24 is a Carbon Neutral Company

• Written by @Lifeline24


Lifeline24 is proud to announce that we have been officially certified as a carbon neutral company. We are overjoyed by this accomplishment; our goal was to be certified carbon neutral by 2025 and we have certainly met this target.

Our History

Here at Lifeline24 we care deeply about the welfare of people and the planet. As a result of this passion, we have been fighting to keep our carbon emissions low for years. Back in 2017, we were awarded the Norfolk Carbon Charter Bronze Award, which was granted to us in recognition of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

In the years since, we have implemented further measures. By planting trees, we are offsetting our emissions; we have produced blogs encouraging you to get out into your garden; our staff carshare or use public transport to reduce their own carbon footprint.

All the steps we have taken have resulted in our official certification as a carbon neutral company. Furthermore, Lifeline24 is dedicated to continuing these practices to ensure we remain a respectable, eco-friendly company.

Why is it Important to be Carbon Neutral?

We only have one planet, and that’s the one we live on. Therefore it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of it, and that includes companies like Lifeline24. Carbon emissions are one of the leading causes of pollution, which is in turn a major contributor to climate change.

By striving to be carbon neutral, Lifeline24 are fighting against climate change and for a brighter future. We are also making ourselves more accessible to you. Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the need for carbon neutrality. We want you to feel confident that the service you are receiving is as ecologically responsible as you.

Personal Alarms from Lifeline24

Lifeline24 provide personal alarms guaranteed to give you or your loved ones peace of mind at home. Coming in two parts – the base unit and the alarm pendant – the system offers reassurance all around the home. If you have a fall or feel unsafe, a single press of a button alerts our 24/7 Monitoring Team.

By speaking through the base unit, a member of this professional team assesses what help is required . If they hear no response, they will assume you require assistance. Emergency contacts and emergency services - where necessary - will be immediately informed, which means that help can reach you as soon as possible.

For more information on our life-saving personal alarms, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 0800 999 0400. You can also fill in our handy form and we will get back to as soon as possible.

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