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Lifeline Customer Stories - Brian Davies

• Written by Katie


Welcome to another of our Lifeline Customer Stories. Today, we're speaking to Brian Davies, a longtime Lifeline alarm user. We asked him some questions about his alarm to find out what he thinks of the Lifeline Personal Alarm service. In our series of Lifeline Customer Stories, we take a look into the lives of our customers to find out more about them and how they use their alarms.

So, why did you decide to get a personal alarm?

I had always known that I needed to get a personal alarm but I had never got around to sorting it out. Then, suddenly, my mum (who lives with me) was taken ill and had to go into hospital for a number of weeks. That meant that I was at home on my own and especially overnight. It therefore became imperative that I had a way of getting help should I need it when I am alone in my bungalow i.e. when my carers are not here.

What difference has the alarm made to you?

The main difference is the sense of security and peace of mind that it has given me - and my mum, now that she has come home. We know that if we face any kind of emergency situation at any time, then help is only a click away. I feel completely safe and secure when I/we are at home alone.

What would you say to someone considering getting a Lifeline alarm?

Don't hesitate, just do it. If you want absolute certainty and peace of mind that you can get help in any kind of situation 24 hours a day then a personal alarm will give you just that. And don't worry about registering sensitive information such as keysafe codes etc. because those details will be held securely. I genuinely believe that. And it will enable help to reach you as quickly as possible, which is the only thing that matters when you find yourself in an emergency situation. I now wish that I had got a personal alarm much sooner than I did.

Have you ever had to activate your alarm? If so, how helpful were the Alarm Response Team during the call?

I have had to activate my alarm twice, both times because I needed help for my mum who is now effectively disabled herself. The Alarm Response Team have always been very helpful and understanding. Importantly for me, because I have a minor speech defect as part of my disability, they have always understood what I have said first time. This means that they have understood the reason why I am asking for help, which has meant that they have got the appropriate help to me as quickly as possible. The response team always call back a while later to check that everything is ok. This makes you feel that they really do care about you and that they want to know that the problem has been resolved.

How do you feel the alarm helps you in everyday life?

My mum and I have carers coming in to help us several times a day, but we spend many hours on our own in our bungalow. We are both physically disabled and my mum now has several health issues and has had some falls. This means that we can potentially need help quickly at any time of the day or night. Our ability to continue living in our own home means everything to us and so being able to access help if and when we need it is very important.

As a physically disabled person who has always attached great importance to being as independent as possible and doing whatever I can for myself, whilst also recognising the importance of my personal safety (and of my mum's too), my Lifeline alarm has allowed me to combine my independence and personal safety. That is how my Lifeline24 personal alarm helps me in everyday life. It gives me and my mum total peace of mind that help is always available if and when we need it.

I looked at two different personal alarm options and I asked some trusted friends for their advice too. Together, we felt that Lifeline24 was the best option. The application process was easy and I was able to complete it myself which was very important to me. If I need to contact Lifeline24 customer services by phone or email, they respond quickly and in a friendly and efficient manner. I am very happy that I chose Lifeline24 and I would never be without my personal alarm now.

The Lifeline24 Personal Alarm

As these Lifeline customer stories demonstrate, our personal alarms are for anybody who would like some extra reassurance and peace of mind at home. The simple system consists of a base unit and a pendant, which you can wear on your wrist or on a cord around your neck. If and when you need assistance, just press the button on the pendant. We will respond straight away to arrange help. Every Lifeline customer receives 24/7 support from our Response Team, 365 days of the year.

We also offer a fall detector plan for added peace of mind should you experience a fall. For more information about the Lifeline alarm service, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly Lifeline Customer Service team. You can call 0800 999 0400, email info@lifeline24.co.uk, or use the Contact Us form on our website. You can also order your Lifeline alarm online or over the phone today.

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