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Case Study: Meet Our Lifeline Response Team - Anna

• Written by Roshan


Meet our Lifeline Response Team in this special Case Study. Today we are speaking to Anna, who is one of the many call handlers who answer your alarm calls and get you the assistance you need. We asked Anna a few questions about working in our Lifeline Response Team to give you a look at who is on the other end of the alarm.


Name: Anna
Favourite Musician: Rory Gallagher
Last thing you watched: The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Favourite Place: Brancaster beach, Norfolk

Being a Lifeline Emergency Call Handler, you have to adapt to different situations on a daily basis. Why did you decide to do this job?

I have worked in the customer service industry for the majority of my career and have always loved speaking with people of all ages and backgrounds however I wanted a position that was fulfilling and making a real difference. The opportunity to help those who are vulnerable, but still independent enough to live in their own homes is unbelievably rewarding.

How do you feel the Lifeline service helps people?

My grandmother had lived in the same house for over 50 years and would never have wanted to leave, no matter how unwell or limited she became in her later years. The service gives both the user and their families peace of mind in the event of an emergency, without having to completely give up their independence or their beloved homes.

Have you any advice for someone considering a Lifeline alarm?

I would highly recommend having as many contacts as possible. Family, friends, trusted neighbours and carers; the more there are in the case of an emergency, the quicker the help can be arranged.

You speak to a wide variety of people every day in the Lifeline Response Team, how do you adapt to each call?

Treat each call as a potential emergency, practice patience and listen carefully to the client. It’s important to gather as much information as possible and to fully understand the situation and what help the client may need.

What is the best part of what you do?

Talking to people of all ages and backgrounds and providing reassurance, whether it’s just a test call or a client has fallen and needs medical attention. I talk to lots of different clients each and every day, and some of my favourite conversations are those who just sometimes need a friendly voice on the other end.

What do you think is important for people to know about your job?

To never apologise for mistakenly triggering the alarm. Sporadically an alarm will be pressed in error and, on most occasions, the client is far too apologetic. We are a friendly, good-natured team who will never moan for a mistaken activation.

Help us, help the UK…

If you or anyone you know may be facing self-isolation alone during the COVID-19 outbreak, please refer to our service to ensure that you or they are not alone and can get help if needed. We are all in this together and please stay safe!

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