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Lifeline can help Liverpool social care crisis

• Written by Josh


It has been reported this week that nearly 100 elderly and disabled people in Liverpool were forced to wait more than a year for social care support due to cuts. This is concerning news for Lifeline 24 but we believe that our personal alarms can be of some help to those who require social care in Liverpool.

In the reports it was said that 93 people in the city had to wait more than 12 months to get the support they needed - such as adaptation to their home or visits from carers. Liverpool Council carers were unable to meet 247 hours of home care in the last week of January.

It was also said that there were another 160 people who died whilst on Liverpool's social care waiting list, with a further 39 in Wirral and eight in Knowsley. In the news article Liverpool Council's care chief blamed Government cuts and the ageing population of the city for the delays.

This is of huge concern for the elderly and disabled in Liverpool who require help and care. Today we show you through our personal alarm service and how it can help the issues residents are facing.

Lifeline Alarm

A Lifeline Alarm can help those affected by the social care problems in Liverpool as it offers them a form of help without anybody actually being in their home. It also helps to give elderly and disabled residents, and their families, a boost of confidence that they are safe in their home.

The personal alarm comes in two separate parts: the Lifeline Vi Alarm base unit and the MyAmie Pendent. The base unit is a Plug & Play device which can easily be installed by the user,  with no installation service required.

The base unit needs to be plugged into your existing telephone socket and a power socket. Your telephone then goes into the telephone adapter which is plugged into the back of the base unit.

The MyAmie Pendant is a stylish device which can be worn either around the neck or the wrist. Both of the necessary attachments are included with the alarm so the choice is yours. The pendant also features the following features:

  • 100 Metre Range - This means that you can continue to wear your pendant whilst you are outside in the garden. You will be covered if anything should happen whilst your are gardening or sunbathing.
  • Waterproof - This means that you can wear your pendant in the shower and bath. The risk of a fall increases during this time due to the amount of water involved and the movement involved when getting in and out of the bath.
  • 7 Year Battery Life - Your pendant has an impressive battery life. When your battery is running low we will receive an automatic warning message and will send you a brand-new replacement free of charge.
  • 869MHz European Social Alarm frequency - This means that the system will not interfere with any other medical equipment in your home.

How it works 

Once your alarm has been installed and the set-up is complete you will be covered by the TSA Accredited Response Team. Our Response Team work 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

If you were to have a fall or feel unwell then you simply need to press the red button on your pendant or alarm base unit. This sends an alert through to our Response Team who will react immedietly by calling you over your alarm base unit's loudspeaker.

The team member will assess your situation before taking the correct course of action. This will usually involve the Response Team calling your emergency contacts and informing them that you require urgent assistance. Your emergency contacts are selected during the order process and are commonly made-up of family members, close friends and neighbours.

If your require medical attention the Response Team will also contact the emergency services. The team will have been passed on your medical history during the order process and will pass this on to the paramedics on your behalf. This is to ensure that the paramedics are in the best possible position to help once they arrive.

Order today 

Here at Lifeline24 we believe that our personal alarms can be of assistance during this difficult time in the Liverpool social care sector. There are two ways in-which you can make an order, with three different price packages available for you to choose from.

Personal alarms can be paid for on a Monthly Plan, Annual Plan or a unique Lifetime Plan. We suggest that you select the option which is most suited to your financial situation.

You can choose to order through our website or over the phone with a member of our sales team. Simply dial 0800 999 0400 and a member of the team will be available to help you through your order - answering any questions that you may have about our service.

Use the discount code BLOG2016 to receive £10 off the Monthly or Annual Plan.

*The full article can be found on the Liverpool Echo news website.

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