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As the UK`s population ages, more and more people find themselves looking after mum and dad. This is a rewarding but challenging role, which can cause extra stress on top of already busy lifestyles, especially for those who are also raising children. Caring responsibilities can also have an impact on your professional life, which may cause problems for those who feel unable to mention it to their employers.

Few of us are fully prepared to begin looking after our elderly parents. Unfortunately, many people don't consider their options until a crisis occurs, which can exacerbate the stress.

Grief and Worry

If you are looking after mum and dad, it's important to consider their wishes as well as their safety. Most people want to retain their independence and stay in their own homes, rather than moving into a care home. But how can you be sure they are safe at home? What if they fall?

Lots of people worry about what would happen if their parents needed help and no one was there. Of course, you can arrange home visits from nurses and carers, but these can be pricey and your parents may not want strangers in their home.

Lifeline24 is the Solution

With one of our Lifeline Alarms, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your parent can call for help with just the touch of a button. You can relax knowing that your parent is safe and that, should the worst happen, help will be on its way quickly.

We're a national provider of the Lifeline alarm, which anyone can set up in just a few minutes. The system comes in two parts: the base unit and a comfortable pendant which your loved one can wear around their wrist or neck. We know that a speedy service is key, which is why all our alarms come with free next-day delivery. Furthermore, it's easy to add an extra pendant to any Lifeline Alarm plan, protecting both mum and dad with just one base unit in the home.

So, how does it work? If your parent has a fall or feels unwell, they simply push the button on their pendant. This alerts our TSA-accredited Response Team, who provide a platinum service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They will respond instantly and speak with your loved one over the base unit, assessing their situation before calling for help. They will call your loved one`s chosen emergency contacts and ask them to attend urgently. If your parent requires medical attention, the Response Team will also call the emergency services.

Joining the Lifeline personal alarm service is quick and simple!


Order Your Alarm

Order your Lifeline Alarm on our website or over the phone and receive free next-day delivery.


Connect Your Alarm

Connect the alarm to the power & telephone socket before pressing the red button to test.


Test Your Alarm

Our UK-based Response Team will answer your test call and make sure everything is working perfectly.


You're Ready To Go

Your Lifeline Alarm is ready to use. If you need help, day or night, simply press your pendant.

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£12.99 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof MyAmie Pendant
  • 100m Alert Range
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
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New Technology
£16.00 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof Fall Detector
  • Fall Detection Service
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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