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On This Day 1976: Apple is founded

• Written by Josh


It was on this day back in 1976 that the computer giant Apple was formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Today the nation's cheapest personal alarm provider takes a look back at the ground-breaking creations that have been introduced in recent years that have changed the way we use technology.

This, of course, is not forgetting the computer desktop innovations that Mr Jobs and his team have created over the years, including the Mac Book and iMac devices.

Here are some of the creations from the 21st century.


The iPod was released in October 2001 although it was originally only able to work on MAC devices, causing sales levels to be quite low. The iPod was a revelation in the MP3 / music player market industry, giving customers the chance to store up to 1000 songs on their iPod.

Since the original there have been several updated versions and models for you to choose from. The iPod Nano has designed to be a mini-iPod, meanwhile the iPod Shuffle was designed without a screen and to be even smaller - perfect for running.

The modern day iPod 'Touch' looks identical to the iPhone but it is possible to buy an iPod Classic if you prefer the old school music player design. The iPod uses iTunes to update your library and if you have an iPod Touch you are able to watch movies, music videos and play games on your device.


Arguably one of the most anticipated devices of all time, the iPhone was released to the public in June 2007. The phone used a touch screen, which had a virtual keyboard. The design of the original iPhone was a trendsetter, with many other smartphones now looking very similar.

The original iPhone had the ability to take photos, play music through iTunes, send and receive emails and download hundreds of apps through the app store. The phone was also gave the user the chance to use social media, which was beginning to grow at around the same time.

Since 2007 there have been nine different generations of iPhone, all of which have pretty much kept the same distinctive design. The latest onlinepharmacies247.com/cymbalta_generic.html iPhones have features such as 'live' photos and Siri, the voice control system which answers any questions you need.

Facetime is also a huge feature of the iPhone and allows you to make free video calls to other iPhone users.


Three years after the iPhone came the iPad - Apples introduction of the computer 'tablet' device. Design-wise the iPad looks very similar to the iPhone and contains many of the same features, but on a larger scale.

The iPad, and the models released since, have been created as a replacement for or an alternative to a laptop. The idea is that you can simply pick the iPad up whenever you like and surf the internet via Safari.

Users are able to take photos, record videos, play games, browse social media and do their shopping on the device - and that's just to name a few features. Newer models, such as the Air, use a pixel-perfect retina display and are thin and light for easier use.

A new Pro has been released which features a case with a built-in keyboard - a true challenger to the dominance of the laptop.

Much like the iPhone, the iPad was a trend-setter in the tablet industry and most homes now have one either to go alongside their laptop or instead of a laptop.


Apple's latest creation is the iWatch, which connects with your iPhone through bluetooth. The device was created with the idea that iPhone users spend too much time looking at their larger screens, even in the company of others.

The thought behind the watch was that people could casually look at their watch to read emails or see their messages. The device has a touch-screen which uses force touch technology and also has special fitness apps to record your steps.

The iWatch is perfect for reminders for things such as meetings with your boss or for important birthdays. Of course when you are not using the technical features of the device it is simply used as a watch.


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