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A Guide to Online Shopping Safety

• Written by Money Matters


The following is a guest post from the Money Matters team at Sainsbury's Bank!

With Christmas and the January sales just around the corner, online shopping security is a key issue for households across the country.

More Brits than ever are taking to the internet to do their shopping, as it provides a quick and easy retail experience. However, the frequency of cyber scams and fraud can make online shopping a risky endeavour. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), over half of all fraud offences in the previous year were cyber-related.

As in real life, the problem of online scams is particularly concerning for the vulnerable members of society such as older people. Fortunately, the Money Matters team at Sainsbury’s Bank have provided a useful and straightforward guide to help you stay safe when shopping online.

The guide is full of handy tips on issues such as keeping your credit card details safe, spotting potential scams, and ensuring your passwords are secure. It also offers useful information on how to report scams and how to claim your money back in the event that something unfortunate does happen.

Take a look at the online shopping safety guide below:

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