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Lifeline24 Personal Alarm Button Guide

What do the Personal Alarm Buttons do? This a common question from potential alarm users, and today we can provide you with the answers you need. The Lifeline Vi Alarm Base Unit is manufactured by Tunstall and contains the very latest Telecare technology. This is a guide to the Lifeline Personal Alarm buttons.

What is the Personal Alarm Base Unit?

Firstly, let's take a quick look at the personal alarm base unit. The Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit contains the very latest Telecare technology. The base unit is compact and will easily fit in with other bits of furniture in your home.

The Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit features a loudspeaker and microphone. The speaker is loud enough to be heard even if the alarm user is in another room. The Alarm Unit also features three important personal alarm buttons.

We pre-programme all of our personal alarms before they're dispatched. To get started, simply plug the base unit into your telephone socket and a power socket. Then connect your telephone to the back of the unit using the adaptor provided. Turn the power socket on and you are ready to test your new alarm.

What do the Personal Alarm Buttons do?

To learn what the different personal alarm buttons do, tap or move your mouse over the interactive image below.

Red Button

The red button is perhaps the most important of the three personal alarm buttons. It works in the same way as the red button on your MyAmie Pendant. You can press this button in an emergency situation, just like you would your pendant. Pressing the red button will send an alert through to our TSA-accredited 24/7 Response Team.

When you first set up your alarm, this is also the button you need to press in order to make a test call. This will give you the chance to speak to our Response Team for the first time and make sure that your alarm has been installed correctly.

Green Button

The green button acts as a cancel function. If you accidentally press the red button on your MyAmie Pendant or on the base unit itself, simply press the green button. This lets our Response Team know that everything is fine and you are not in any danger.

There is no need to panic if the Response Team responds before you can get to the cancel button. They are always happy to know that you are alright. False alarms often end up being a good test for your system - it's always good to know that your alarm is in perfect working order!

Yellow Button

The third of the personal alarm buttons is the yellow button. This is the Home/Away button. You should not press this button unless a member of the Lifeline24 team specifically instructs you to do so.

If you are going to be away from the property for a long period of time, we ask that you notify us by calling 0800 999 0400 so that we can update your account. At this stage, we may ask you to press your yellow Home/Away button, but we do not recommend doing this without notifying us beforehand.

What to do in an Emergency Situation

Once your new alarm has been installed and tested, your pendant will connect you to our 24-hour Response Team. They work all year round to ensure that you always have somebody to call for help.

  • If you fall, feel unwell or are concerned about your safety, simply press the red button on your alarm unit or pendant.
  • The Response Team will speak to you over the loudspeaker system and assess your situation.
  • The Response Team will contact your chosen emergency contacts; most of our alarm users choose friends, family members and neighbours.
  • If necessary, the Response Team will also contact the Emergency Services. Your medical details will be passed on to the paramedics, so that they are in the best position to help you when they arrive.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

£12.99 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof MyAmie Pendant
  • 100m Alert Range
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
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£16.00 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof Fall Detector
  • Fall Detection Service
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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