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Keysafe Price Reduction: Add extra security for less

• Written by Josh


Having the correct security measures in place at your home is very important, not only for your safety but also for your own self-confidence. Feeling safe and comfortable at home is extremely helpful for your own, and your family's, peace of mind - especially if you are elderly or disabled.

Keysafes are a great way of adding extra security to your house, and two of our devices are now even more affordable thanks to our new price reduction.

What is a Keysafe?

A Keysafe is a small secure metal box which is attached to the exterior wall of your home. Once installed, the Keysafe can be used to store your spare house keys which will be protected behind a security code set by you.

This is a much safer option than leaving keys for friends and family underneath a plant pot or door mat - as wannabe thieves can easily target these areas. Once you have created a code, be sure to make a note and keep it in a safe place - and be very careful who you share this information with. We suggest only passing on the code to those who will be using it, such as your neighbours and family members.

All of the Keysafes available here at Lifeline24 are easy to install and include all of the relevant fittings needed to do so. If you're in a situation where you don't have anybody to install the Keysafe for you, or don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, then you can choose to have your security device installed for you - for an extra fee.

Supra C500

Security Price Drop - Supra C500

The Supra C500 is one of only two Keysafes to be approved by the Police here in the United Kingdom. This Keysafe offers the ultimate level of security thanks to its LPS1175 Level 1 Accreditation, which means that it's as resistant to an attack as a domestic front door.

You can store up to six keys inside the Supra C500, which will be locked safely behind a heavy duty locking mechanism and a unique clutch mechanism which prevents the device from being forced open.

This Keysafe is also made from heavy gauge stainless steel and has a protective zinc-alloy shell.

The Supra C500 is now only £59.99 - that's a £30 saving on the old price!

Outside Security Keysafe

Outside Security Key Safe

The Outside Security Keysafe has always been our most affordable, but that doesn't mean that you should rule it out. If you don't have hundreds of spare keys for people then this is the Keysafe for you, thanks to its small, discreet design.

With this device you can store a set of keys behind a code of your choice, between three and 10 digits long. There's no need for a plastic cover of any kind as this Keysafe is also weather resistant - so there's no need to panic during the winter.

The Outside Security Keysafe is now only £19.99 - that's a £8 saving on the old price!

Personal Alarm Information

Our Keysafes don't just add extra security to your home, they also work perfectly alongside our personal alarm system. Our Lifeline Alarm users share their Keysafe's code with our 24-hour Response Team so that we have this vital bit of information on hand in an emergency.

During situation like this, where you have pressed your pendant and help is on its way, having a Keysafe installed really can make all the difference. Our highly-trained Response Team will be able to pass on your Keysafe's code to your emergency contacts and, more importantly, the emergency services.

This means that once the paramedics or police arrive on the seen they will definitely be able to get into your home without any delay or by causing any damage to your property. If you have left your keys in the door and you don't have a Keysafe, it may be difficult for help to reach you.

The minutes, or even seconds, saved in a situation like this can mean everything.

For more information regarding our Keysafes or Personal Alarms please give our friendly team a call today on 0800 999 0400. Alternatively you can send an email to info@lifeline24.co.uk or complete our Contact Us form.

Monthly Plan

£12.49*per month
+ £35 one-off setup fee

Monthly Plan

*VAT inclusive price of £14.99 applies if you do not qualify for VAT exemption

Annual Plan

£119* With 3 months Free
+ £35 one-off setup fee

12 months for the price of 9

Annual Plan

*VAT inclusive price of £142.80 applies if you do not qualify for VAT exemption

Most of our users qualify for VAT exemption. To qualify, the user must state they have a long term physical or mental impairment which has a negative effect on their day-to-day life. Examples include hypertension or diabetes. To find out more, click here. VAT inclusive set-up fee is £42. The 3 months free offer is based on the saving made on Annual Plan compared to the monthly fee over 12 months. Any discounts are an introductory offer and do not apply after the initial 12 months. Standard price for the Annual Plan is £154 (£184.80 VAT inclusive) and £14.49 (£17.38 VAT inclusive) for the Monthly Plan.

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