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Six Benefits of Speed Walking

• Written by Thom


Walking can be incredibly beneficial for older people, but what is 'speed walking'? Speed walking, sometimes referred to as power walking, literally involves you walking fast! Imagine how fast you walk when you're late for an appointment - that's speed walking. It's an enjoyable form of exercise especially if you aren't able to engage in more physically trying exercises.

It's been recently reported that older people who walk faster and for longer face a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. When done right, walking can be as good as jogging for burning fat, and it's far less damaging to your joints. Walking is ideal since you can literally start just outside your front door!

Six Benefits of Speed Walking

1. Endurance

Speed walking is a good way to safely build up your endurance levels. If you're currently unfit start with just 2-4 minutes of walking at a time. You can do these short spurts of exercise a couple of times a day. Eventually you may be able to have 30-minute walks each day.

2. Weight Loss

Speed walking isn't like going to the gym for drastic results, but is perfect for more gentle, enjoyable exercise that still result in fat loss. Walking will also increase your metabolism by burning extra calories and preventing muscle loss.

3. A Cognitive Boost

Going for a walk allows you to clear your mind and think clearly. It's during this time that your brain can be free to solve problems and create new ideas, perfect if you've been struggling on project recently. Keeping your brain active is ideal for fighting against the risk of dementia.

4. It's Good for your Bones

Walking is considered to be a gentile exercise which doesn't put too much pressure on your joints, which means you shouldn't be left in any pain following a walk. This fact means that you can still go speed walking even if you've been struggling with arthritis.

5. It's Convenient and Affordable. 

Perhaps one of the best things about speed walking, or walking in general, is that it is extremely easy to fit the exercise into your daily routine. Instead of driving or getting the bus to work, you could speed walk instead.

If you have a pet that needs a walk and you need a workout, walking is a convenient way to do both at the same time. Done anywhere, this activity is accessible and fits all different lifestyles.

There is also no need to pay for an expensive gym membership or a for a nice bike to go cycling on. All you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes and you're ready to go. The money saved on petrol and public transport will also go a long way.

6. It Removes Stress

We've already mentioned that going for a walk is great for when you're stuck on a project and need a space to think, but doing so can also help to boost your mindset and relive you of stress. By going for a walk, you're getting out into the fresh air and into your own zone.

You can put all your troubles to one side and just relax as you take in the sights around you. Endorphins released in the brain through exercise result in a more relaxed disposition and calmer state of mind. Removing yourself from the hectic pace of the office or busy home atmosphere for a walk can leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

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