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Spring Cleaning Tips - Our Top 5

• Written by Ben Jacklin


When the winter has cleared (which we hope it will soon!), the days are finally starting to feel a bit brighter and spring is on the horizon. What better way to prepare for the rest of the year but with a touch of spring cleaning as you’re bound to feel much better after clearing out the house. Bounce into spring with our top 5 spring cleaning tips!

1 - Make a List and a Schedule

Rather than just start washing and cleaning like a maniac, it helps to make a plan. We know it sounds like one of the simpler of the spring cleaning tips but his is a way to ensure that things don’t get forgotten about. Spring cleaning is likely to take more than a day, so you should make a schedule for a week or two of cleaning. This is a way to spread out the jobs, too. When making your list, plan ahead so that you don’t ignore any of the rooms. List all of the jobs you need to do by room and break it down into sections so that it is more manageable. 

If there are any jobs you can’t do (or simply don’t want to) then you can build in appointments with oven cleaners or deep cleaners. A simple search for local cleaning companies will find people happy to come and take care of some of the less glamorous and more difficult jobs. 

2 - Vacuum Maintenance (or Replacement)

A good vacuum cleaner can make a lot of your cleaning a whole lot easier, but you should keep it in good condition. Don’t start using your vacuum cleaner before you have checked it is up to it. Most vacuums have HEPA filters these days, and this can be a great way to catch allergens and other unwanted particles and keep the air quality much better in your home. Check the filter, as it might need to be replaced. It won’t be at its best without a clean filter, and can even disturb allergens and make the air worse.

If your vacuum is a bit dated, you might think about some accessories or even a replacement. Dusting brushes or tools that can be used for the stairs or crevices can make life a whole lot easier. Let your vacuum do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to spring cleaning.

3 - Declutter First

We’ve probably all got things around the house we simply don’t need. We may hold onto things “just in case” we ever need them. There are numerous rules you can follow to get rid of things if you are a hoarder. Obviously, don’t get rid of anything you are going to need, but you will probably be amazed at the feeling when you have decluttered your home. It makes everything feel cleaner and fresher, ready to welcome those sunnier days. It also makes the process of cleaning and organising that bit easier.

4 - Clean From Top to Bottom

It may be the most basic and simplistic of spring cleaning tips, but it is so easy to forget about! If you are deep cleaning a room, always go from the top to the bottom. For instance, dusting shelves should be done before vacuum cleaning the floor. This means that if you knock debris down to the floor, you won’t end up having to clean it again.

This is a simple time-saving tip. It won’t transform the way you spring clean, but it will make for a far more efficient way of cleaning. 

5 - Don’t Neglect The Kitchen

Arguably the most important area for you to clean during your spring cleaning is the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can fill up with dust, out of date food can start to attract pests and appliances like your oven and fridge can become hotbeds for germs if not cleaned regularly. The kitchen can be a bit of a challenge when spring cleaning. It’s worth spending more time on than the other areas. Be sure to wipe down your surfaces, soak your pots and pans in hot soapy water, and clear out any food that is no longer in date.

If you need some extra help, oven cleaning companies can take some of the hard jobs out of your hands. The kitchen can become dangerous if dirty, so make sure you do all those jobs that you’ve been putting off, like clearing out the fridge and freezer or deep cleaning the cabinets.

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