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Supporting older people at home

• Written by Thom


According to a recent BBC article, thousands of older people are struggling to live alone with little to no help. Supporting older people is what we aim to do at Lifeline24, so it's a big concern that so many people are living without help available to them.

Besides the obvious risk to well-being, we are worried for these older people's safety. While some people have helpers paid either by themselves or the local council, falling funding means many are left to struggle on their own.

Supporting Older People at Home

This is where a personal alarm for the elderly can be a lifesaver. The user is given a discreet pendant, known as the MyAmie Pendant, that can be pressed if they are in need of help after a fall or in a medical emergency.

Alongside the pendant, you also receive the Lifeline Vi Alarm base unit. This device connects to your telephone line and allows you to speak to our 24/7 Response Team in an emergency. A loudspeaker and built-in microphone ensures that communication is clear and crisp.

The Response Team assess, reassure and find help in the form of emergency contacts. This is a list of people chosen by you when you first join our life-saving service, and commonly includes family, friends and neighbours. The emergency services will be called if required.

By using a personal alarm, many older people have found that they can live independently. They are safe in the knowledge that if they did need help it would be there - no matter what time of day or night it is.

Support for an Affordable Price

Our personal alarm service is quick and simple to use, but it's also affordable. You or your loved ones can choose to go with our Monthly Plan or our Annual Plan, whichever is most suitable to your financial situation. If you suffer from a long-term medical condition, you'll also qualify for VAT Exemption on a personal alarm.

If you are concerned for a loved one and looking for a service known for supporting older people at home, you can find out more about our service in this in-depth guide. Alternatively you can get in touch by phoning 0800 999 0400, or emailing your questions to info@lifeline24.co.uk.


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