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Introduction to the Supra C500 Keysafe

• Written by Josh


The Supra C500 is one of only two keysafes that have been accredited by the police in the UK. This secure metal box adds extra security to your home and works perfectly alongside our life-saving Personal Alarm service.

Today's post will provide you with an introduction to the Supra C500 and will explain how to use it. There is also a handy video for you to watch.

Supra C500

The Supra C500 is one of the strongest keysafes available, going through a series of rigorous and demanding tests. In fact, this keysafe is as resistant as a domestic front door to an attack and has achieved the LPS1175 level 1 accreditation.

As previously mentioned, the Supra C500 is one of only two keysafes to have police accreditation. To maintain this status, the device needs to be installed into brick of dense concrete and not breeze blocks or mortar.

The secure metal box can hold up to six house keys (5-6 Yale type or 2-5 Chubb style keys), and is made from heavy gauge stainless steel and a thick zinc-alloy shell. Other features of the Supra C500 are:

  • A stainless steel plate around the buttons, which is scratch and fingerprint resistant.
  • Heavy duty locking mechanism to help ensure that it's pry-resistant.
  • The clutch mechanism prevents the handle from being forced open.
  • Rust and weather resistant -  A black weather cover is provided.
  • Over 4000 possible combinations for your security code.

Please see the video below for further guidance on the Supra C500.

Working with our Personal Alarms

Keysafes, such as the Supra C500, are a great way of keeping your home secure. Rather than using doormats and plant pots, you can lock your spare house keys away and only allow access to people you select.

The Supra C500 also works perfectly alongside our Personal Alarm service. Alarm users with a keysafe are asked to share their chosen combination code with our 24/7 Response Team. This allows our team to pass this code on to the paramedics in an emergency.

The paramedics may not be able to gain immediate access to your home without this code, as your door could be locked, and may have to wait for family members to arrive on the scene. The time saved by having a keysafe could make all the difference.

Lifeline Alarm Information

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