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24/7 Lifeline Support in Tamworth

Tamworth - Personal Alarm Service

For people who live alone, the fear of what might happen if they have a fall can take over their lives. A Lifeline Alarm can change this, as it provides these people with a 24-hour monitoring service. Our service is available in Tamworth and throughout the UK.


A Lifeline Alarm allows elderly, frail and disabled people in Tamworth, and across the UK, to remain in their own homes. It will provide them and their families with the peace of mind that help will be there for them if they have a fall. Our service helps:

  • Those who are prone to falling.
  • Those who live by themselves.
  • Anybody with a long-term medical condition.
  • Anybody who wants to feel confident and safe at home.

Our alarm users and their families have lots to say about our life-saving personal alarm service. Read our reviews today to find out exactly what they think.


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