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Thinking differently about old age

• Written by Thom


Although we are living longer, with the number of over 60's expected to double by 2050, it doesn't necessarily mean these extra years are as healthy as they could be. A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), urges us to look differently at old age to benefit society.

Health in Old Age

One of the main messages from the WHO report, showed that old people are individuals; we all age differently. Some may be active enough in old age to work, volunteer and continue playing sports. Whilst others may need some help in the home to stay independent, and are only able to engage in passive activities such as walking.

There are many contributors to how we age such as; our genetics, behaviours and diseases. But there are other factors that we can control to improve our health and well-being in old age. Environment and lifestyle changes can encourage activity and independence in old age.

Live Longer with Dignity

We're big supporters of freebies and discounts for the elderly and fun activities in the community that are accessible for older people. Alongside facilities that cater for people in old age in public, such as 'senior playgrounds', technologies in the home can also greatly benefit their independence.

Using personal alarms in the home can enable older people to enjoy living at home, with the reassurance that help is there when they need it. Being able to live at home with such technologies will enable the elderly to take advantage of their local transport, groups and clubs, and being a part of a community of diverse ages.

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