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Time For A Cuppa: Lifeline24 raises money for charity

• Written by Josh


Lifeline24 hosted a Time For A Cuppa morning at our Norfolk base last Thursday, raising money for Dementia UK in the process.

Members of our team spent their Wednesday evenings baking in the Kitchen for the event so that we could put some delicious cakes and treats on display.

We had everything you could possibly want including Cookies, Muffins, Oreo Truffles, Chocolate Brownies, Doughnuts and even some Onion Bajis.

Time For A Cuppa

Of course the main aim for the morning was to raise as much as possible for the launch of the Time For A Cuppa Campaign.

This campaign has been created to try and raise money for Dementia UK so that they can continue to help families who live with the condition.

According to the The Alzheimer’s Society there were over 850,000 people living with dementia last year.

It is reported that around 40,000 of these cases are those who have Young Onset Dementia, which affects people under the age of 65. This can have a huge affect on people as they may still be working and have young children to look after.

It is estimated that this number will increase to over one million people by 2025.

Dementia UK have their own Admiral Nurses who give families expert help and advice to try and help them cope as much as possible.

The Admiral Nurses often work within the NHS, other local authorities or private companies. They help families learn more about dementia and how to live with the condition.

Money raised from the events held across the country will help to fund the Admiral Nurses scheme and to further develop the treatment and care of people living with the condition.


Dementia is collective name for a range of neurological disorders. Each type of dementia has its own symptoms and will effect each person in a different way. Some symptoms of the condition include:

  • Memory loss/problems
  • Weakened cognitive ability – confusion when visiting unfamiliar environments and difficulty orientating time and place.
  • Problems with communication – People may begin to repeat themselves or have difficulty finding the right words to say.
  • Problems with reading and writing.
  • change in Personality and behaviour

For more information regarding the Time for A Cuppa campaign, including how you can raise some money, or about the condition itself please visit the Dementia UK website.


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