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Winter Cities: We Look At The Top 5 To Visit This Year

• Written by James Connolly


As the days grow colder and the nights darker, many of us may already be dreaming of sunny beaches and days at the pool. No doubt about it, a summer holiday is one of the highlights of every year, yet to dismiss a cold weather jaunt would be to miss out on a huge variety of Britain and, indeed, Europe’s most charming winter cities.

Some of our most beautiful places come into their own during the winter, with northern Europe in particular lending itself to the misty mornings and frosty evenings.  In a part of the world known for cultivating a sense of cosiness through hearty food, delicious drink and a range of seasonal activities, visiting a city this winter should be right at the top of your list.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top five winter cities to visit this year…



The Scottish capital has long been a hotbed for winter getaways, such is its allure for those seeking the kind of romantic and atmospheric setting that the city offers. What could be more festive than a stroll through the stunning old town and it’s snow spattered cobbles on a cold night? Or a visit to the city’s famous castle offering views across the frosty hills beyond. If that doesn’t do it for you, how about a dram of the world’s finest whisky in a leather armchair beside a roaring fire? Undoubtedly, Edinburgh has everything one could want from a winter city break.


One of northern England’s key Roman cities, Chester also happens to be the ideal place for a winter break. Boasting a mixture of Roman, Tudor and Victorian architecture, as well as a sprinkling of the modern here and there, Chester is a gem of a city with a friendly atmosphere to welcome all types of visitor with open arms. Head to the famous Christmas market for a dose of festive cheer or take a winter stroll along the Roman walls for views across the city and the adjacent River Dee, whose bridges provide a unique photo opportunity.


Another Roman city in the UK, Bath is arguably even more impressive architecturally than Chester, due in large part to the prevalence of Roman era Baths, from which the city takes its name. Yet that’s not all this southwest English city boasts, with the medieval and victorian influences of its old quarter providing more ambience than most cities possess in their entirety. What’s more, with a penchant for serving up hearty local produce such as Wiltshire ham and west country cheeses, Bath’s restaurants are among the finest in the region.


For our fourth offering in our list of the top five cities to visit this winter we head to Germany and the city of Cologne, which is famous across the globe for its behemoth of a gothic cathedral. Whilst undoubtedly impressive, this building is not all that northwestern Germany’s largest city has to offer the visitor. For starters, there’s a truly charming old quarter with stunning views across the Rhein. This is also where you will find the city’s best restaurants, which serve up classic winter fare like bratwurst with cabbage and potatoes accompanied by the omnipresent local beer kölsch.


The fifth and final one of the winter cities on our list is the Belgian city of Bruges. Immortalised in the popular 2008 film In Bruges, this medieval Flemish gem has come a long way since then and has managed to become one of northern Europe’s most visited cities. A key advantage to visiting in winter means avoiding the crowds whilst the old world atmosphere created by the foggy canals and cobble stoned streets is at its finest during the colder months. Come for the culture, stay for the rather excellent variety of beer; Bruges is one of Europe’s finest winter cities.

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Arthur says:
31/12/2019 at 3:03

Bath is a very beautiful city. Me and my wife try to visit once a year. Great article, thankyou Lifeline.

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