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In-Depth Guide to Transferring Money Abroad

• Written by Money Matters


Managing your money later in life can be an overwhelming task, especially as many services are moving online. There is also more choice than ever before, as it’s no longer just banks who offer these services. The process can be a tricky one to understand, so with this in mind, Sainsbury’s Bank has created a handy guide which walks you through the process, outlines the pros and cons of different transfer providers, information about the potential incurring fees, as well as security tips to ensure your money arrives safely.

There are many reasons that you might need to make an international transfer, from sending funds to loved ones living or studying abroad, to paying towards an overseas wedding or buying a holiday home for retirement, it’s essential that you find the best option for what your looking to do.

With each provider offering varying rates and fees, this can cause a little trepidation when sending money abroad. To make sure your transaction is safe and secure, choose your provider carefully. Traditional providers you might have used before include banks and foreign exchange brokers and these methods continue to be one of the safest ways methods. However, don’t be deterred from using alternative methods like debit or credit cards or online services like PayPal and Transferwise, as these could offer better exchange rates.

For more tips on transferring money abroad, check out this handy guide by Sainsbury’s Bank:

Transferring Money Abroad

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