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Valentine's Case Study - Angela Sinclair

• Written by Rachel Curran


Welcome to a special edition to our Lifeline Case Studies. We recently asked our customers to get in the Valentine's spirit by sharing their love story with us! This is a great opportunity to recall some fond memories and a lovely way for us to get to know our customers.

In this case study we are sharing Angela's story, who has been a Lifeline24 customer since summer last year.

What are your names and when did you meet?

My name is Angela and my husband is Paul. We met each other in 1985 and have been together ever since.

Where did you meet each other?

My friend came over one night and as she was leaving, her car alarm went off. It was the early hours of the morning and we couldn't get the alarm to stop when two policemen appeared to lend a hand. After they helped us switch the alarm off, we invited them inside for a coffee as a way of saying thank you. Little did we know, when they went back to the station they dared a colleague to come by, knock on the door and ask for a coffee. The police officer to knock on my door was Paul.

Six weeks later, I heard another knock on the door. When I answered, there was Paul with some bottles of wine to ask if I wanted to celebrate his birthday with him. I shared a house with five other people at this time, but we let him stay with us for six weeks!

We got married on my 30th birthday in 1987 and still happily married today.

What was your first date?

The night he turned up at my front door, unannounced, to celebrate his birthday with me!

Your fondest memory together?

We decided not to have children and to get a dog. We chose a German Shepherd and we made weekly visits until he was old enough to leave his mother. When we went to collect him, we ended up coming home with two dogs because nobody wanted the puppy with a white mark on its face! Conner and Cyrus - happy days.

Any lasting comments about love, life or relationship?

For us, I think choosing to remain child free had a positive impact on our lives. We could do what we wanted and we managed to pay off our mortgage early, a relatively stress free life! I worked for the NHS and later as a vet.

Valentine's Case Studies - Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to Angela for sharing her story with us. We loved reading it and finding out how you met each other, it was very interesting. As a thank you, Angela has received £10 off her Annual Renewal.

We would love to hear more interesting stories like Angela's. If you would like to submit your own story, please click here and you could receive your own renewal discount or Afternoon Tea at M&S!

If you're interested in acquiring a Personal Alarm and need more information then our customer service team are available seven days a week on 0800 999 0400 or info@lifeline24.co.uk. Alternatively, complete our contact us form and we will get back to you.

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