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Here at Lifeline24, we go above and beyond for our customers. Safety is our first priority. Lifeline24 is a dedicated national Personal Alarm company, which provides a low-cost Personal Alarm service for anyone who is elderly, frail, or disabled living in the UK and Ireland.

Our UK-based Response Team is TSA Accredited and provides a platinum service. This assures customers that they will receive the highest standards of care available. What’s more, the team is available 24/7, 365 days a year – so you know that you always have somebody to call for help!

Alarm Units

More on our Life-Saving Personal Alarm Service

The Latest Pendant Alarm Technology

We use the Lifeline Vi Alarm and MyAmie Pendant, both of which are the latest models from Tunstall, the UK’s leading manufacturer of telecare equipment.

All customers receive a brand new Lifeline Vi Alarm with all the cables, adaptors/filters and power supplies required. Once it arrives, all that customers need to do is plug it into their telephone socket and the mains power, before making a test call with our Response Team.

Keeping Costs Low – Our Best Price Promise

We support the government’s Technology Enabled Care Service (TECS) programme by offering the Lifeline alarm service at the lowest possible price.

We believe that we offer the most affordable Personal Alarm service available in the UK. If you don’t agree, then please give us a call for free on 0800 999 0400, and we will price match against any similar provider in your area.

Our Reputation is Key – No Salesmen Here!

We don’t employ salesmen to sell our Personal Alarms direct to the elderly. Most of our customers come from referrals, either from existing customers, loved ones or medical professionals who know the needs of our potential customers the most.

With this in mind, our reputation is key, so we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service. We do have a “no quibbles” Money Back Guarantee but, unsurprisingly, we rarely get asked about it.

An Easy-to-Use Alarm Service

Just One Click of a Button

If you feel unwell or suffer from a fall, all you need to do is press the red help button on your MyAmie Pendant or Lifeline Vi Alarm unit. This will send an alert call through to our 24-Hour Response Team.

Instant Support and Care

Once the alarm has been activated, the Response Team will receive an instant alert and respond over the alarm’s built-in loudspeaker. A member of the Response Team will speak with you to see what has happened before taking action.

The team member will then begin contacting the relatives, friends, and/or neighbours you selected to be your emergency contacts. If you require medical attention, the Response Team will also contact the emergency services. Whilst you’re waiting, the Response Team will continue to reassure and check on you to see that you are okay.

Help Arrives

Before you know it, help will have arrived at your home. Your loved ones will be able to help you back to your feet and the paramedics will be able to provide you with medical attention.

To ensure that your emergency contacts/paramedics are able to enter your home, we advise installing a keysafe on an exterior wall. We will be able to share the combination code with the paramedics.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

£12.99 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof MyAmie Pendant
  • 100m Alert Range
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
vibby pendant
£16.00 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • Plug & Play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Waterproof Fall Detector
  • Fall Detection Service
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Most Popular
New Technology
£19.89 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • No Phone Line Needed
  • Plug In Anywhere
  • Pearl Pendant - 300m range
  • Neck & Wrist Strap
  • 24/7 Monitoring
gps location
Works Everywhere
£24.33 per month
3 Months Free with Annual Plan
+ one-off £35 setup fee
  • The Go Anywhere Alarm
  • GPS Location Alert
  • Wireless Charging Unit
  • Chain & Keyring Attachment
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Lifeline24 is rated Excellent
4.74 Average rating
6134 Reviews
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    Only complaint is the sticker covering monitor is difficult to peel off and leaves layer of thin paper behind and sticky residue.

    Chingford, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    Very easy to set up, helpful staff on phone, delivered very quickly!

    Gravesend, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    It's early days as I have only just got my pendant last week but I find it very comfortable to wear and it is a reassurance for me and for my son who lives in Sheffield as he although still worrying about me can worry a little less so now.

    Wood Green, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    Hav&nt had to use the alarm yet ,but feel quite safe with it.

    Mitcham, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
  • Maureen W.

    Verified Customer

    Very good service ,easy to set up

    Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
  • Christopher S.

    Verified Customer

    service set up very helpful as internet wiring was not a standard location luckily I had some knowledge and extra filters and was able to resolve the issue. Could have been a problem if this had not been the case. You should consider a site visit for people who have difficulty

    London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    Easy to instore and my mum seem more at easy knowing help just available at a press of a button

    United Kingdom, 1 day ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    We have found the level of service at Lifeline 24 extremely high. Every query we have had has been answered swiftly & professionally. We highly recommend Lifeline 24.

    Ilkeston, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Richard M.

    Verified Customer

    Fast delivery, friendly staff, and piece of mind for all the family.

    Worcester, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    As I had a bad fall Lifeline is a very good and necessary addition to all my safety precautions.

    Sale, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Beryl H.

    Verified Customer

    I have not had to use my alarm but the one I had installed previously from Walsall when I had a knee replacement I chose Lifeline 24 to replace it and recently the old alarm broke down my son contacted Lifeline 24 and the help we had was amazing.

    Beedon, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Alpha P.

    Verified Customer

    Great product but I had to get someone to fill in all of the detail because I don't have Internet.

    United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Amy L.

    Verified Customer

    easy to set up

    Port Talbot, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Anonymous

    Verified Customer

    I did not have a new alarm, the electricity was cut off, nothing to do with LIFELINE and we had to wait for the service to be repaired at Spring Cottage and when it was the alarm worked again. It was the same alarm as was installed when 1 first signed the contract.

    Manchester, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Marilyn G.

    Verified Customer

    Wonderful and prompt service. It gives me reassurance someone is to hand if needed.

    Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Niah G.

    Verified Customer

    Helpful advice and information provided when I asked about mobile phone connection instead of using landline. Staff seemed friendly and patient when testing that the equipment worked

    Chipping Norton, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Gerald S.

    Verified Customer

    Excellent system & service. It gives us great peace of mind. All operatives have been knowledgeable & very courteous.

    Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2 days ago
  • Joyce S.

    Verified Customer

    excellent friendly and considerate colleague

    Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom, 1 week ago
  • Anonymous

    I feel secure knowing l only have to press a button to get help if l fall or am ill.As yet l haven’t had to use it only for testing.This is ideal for me .My daughter lives a few hundred yards away,and if it is in evening my son &Daughter in law are only a few minutes away,so it suits me very well.

    1 week ago
  • Terrance &.

    Verified Customer

    My parents have not used the alarm yet.The set up process was easy the staff I spoke to on the phone were very helpful.

    2 weeks ago

What Our Customers Say About Us

"I was first struck by the immediate polite voice at the end of the line. The whole experience was easy and systematic and my mum now has the support she needs."

Mrs Sarah Smith

"They promised next day delivery and that’s what happened. The alarm means my son knows that I am safe, which makes me feel a lot more settled. Thank you for a brilliant service."

Mr Joe Doherty

"Lifeline24's staff are welcoming and friendly over the phone. They understand that the person on the other end may be an older person who may struggle with technology."

Miss Janet Moss

"Fast delivery ready for my return from hospital. Easy to set up and wear, plus it give me and my family peace of mind that I am safe. I recommend Lifeline very highly to all."

Mr Thom Vincent

"Everything was well packaged and arrived safely. In fact, this morning, after 24 hours at home, my mum had a fall and has to use the alarm, so I know it works brilliantly."

Mrs Katherine Todd

Lifeline Case Study
Mr Peter Johnson

"Since his personal alarm was installed, Peter’s self-confidence has been given a real boost. Now he feels safer than ever in his home. Peter says..."

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