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Today is World Vegan Day!

• Written by Andreas


Today is World Vegan Day, an occasion upon which we and our harvest brethren are permitted to frolic aimlessly in meadows and a day on which we celebrate food that isn’t galline, porcine, bovine, ursine or anything else-ine.

To celebrate, we here at Lifeline24 bring you four excellent vegan recipes to satisfy your midriff.

Chickpea Tuna Sandwiches

For the newly converted, it can often be difficult to know what options there are to fill the void left by some of their previous favourite foods. Luckily, more often than not, there are vegan ways to approximate and often improve upon the textures and flavours you’re used to.

In this vegan take on the tuna sandwich, the ‘tuna’ comprises chickpeas, vegan mayo, avocado and chopped celery. The texture of a good tuna sandwich, but with new and interesting flavours.

Find the recipe here.

Sweet Potato and White Bean Chilli

For those with a temperament as fiery as the earth’s molten core, this chilli recipe is a must. You can prepare it in under an hour and it the combination of the sweet potato with cumin, paprika and coriander gives it a beautifully rich flavour.

It’s also a great one for leftovers; freeze and reheat to your heart’s content.

Find the recipe here.

Grape & Rosemary Foccaccia

Here’s one of all you bread heads out there. Only ten minutes to prepare, then stick in the oven and kick back with a (vegan) magazine.  The grapes and rosemary give it a unique but lovely flavour, and there’s no kneading required, so your knuckles and palms can take a well-deserved break.

Find the recipe here.

Ultimate Vegan Pizza

When in food-related doubt, always defer to the old green, white and red. With this simple pizza dough recipe, and a breadth of vegan toppings to choose from, you’ll never be anything short of satisfied.

Find the recipe here.


If you try one of these delicious vegan dishes this World Vegan Day, let us know on our Facebook page!


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