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Your guide: Energy for elderly people

• Written by Thom


Energy for elderly people was prominent in the news last week. Headlines stated that a large amount of people suffer in silence when it comes to their energy bills. Many don't want to make a fuss or complain to their energy suppliers, and some even feel intimidated or ignored when they do complain.

1. How to complain to energy suppliers

It's best to be prepared before complaining to your energy suppliers. Make a note of what you want to achieve from the call, write your complaints clearly and keep them as separate points. Remember that you have every right to complain, but keep fair and clear about your complaints. Keep a records of all phone calls for future reference.

2. How to switch energy suppliers

Some elderly people have been hit by big energy bills when they change suppliers. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, you should always inform you bank to stop spending money. Your energy supplier may not tell you to do this, but it is a vital part of changing suppliers. You should also keep an eye on your bank statements to ensure that you check for incorrect charges. You may want a relative or friend to help you do this at the beginning.

3. How to keep energy costs down

Managing energy for elderly people can be done with the help of your relatives. All the above advice can be used with your family to work out who the best energy supplier is for you, how to switch and keep on top of bills. The government offers a winter fuel payment to anyone over 60 to help with energy bill costs in the winter months. It's also worth checking that your walls and roof are well insulated. You can also make the switch to energy saving bulbs to save money, and ensure you turn off lights when you leave the room.

Do you have any other questions about energy for elderly people? Ask us in the comments below.

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