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£15 M&S Voucher With Any Alarm Plan Purchase

• Written by @Lifeline24


Here at Lifeline24, we are offering a £15 M&S voucher with a purchase of any of our alarm plans. Read now to find out if a personal alarm could be right for you or your loved one.

Should I Invest in a Personal Alarm?

Here at Lifeline24, our mission is to provide people with the confidence they need to continue living independently in their own homes. We do this with our range of personal alarms.

Personal alarms are useful to older people or those living with disabilities who may feel vulnerable living alone. If the wearer should ever suffer a fall or become unwell, all they need to do is simply press their lifeline alarm button and our 24/7 hour response team will be on hand to deliver assistance, whether that is in the form of contacting the wearer's emergency contacts or the emergency services.

Peace of mind is at the forefront of our mission at Lifeline, however, comfort is too. The personal alarm pendant is small and subtle, designed so the user can feel comfortable wearing it at anytime. It can go around the neck or wrist and be worn just like a necklace or bracelet.

Our alarm plans are affordable and flexible to suit every individual's needs.

Complimentary £15 M&S Voucher

If these reasons aren't enough to sway you, how about a £15 M&S?

M&S has been a beloved British store for over 100 years now with over 1000 stores in the UK. They do everything from food to clothing to homeware to beauty. We can think of many things we liked to spend £15 on there!

Browse and find the ideal plan for you and grab a £15 voucher while you're at it!

Please Note: The £15 M&S voucher promotion is valid with a purchase of any alarm plan. This does not include one-off payment purchases of equipment.


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