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Smoke Detectors from Lifeline24

Fire kills. We all know the dangers of a fire in our home, which is why we all need to ensure that we have working smoke detectors. Our device adds extra security for you and your family, as it's linked to our life-saving personal alarm service.

If the smoke alarm detects smoke, it will send an automatic alert call to our Response Team. They will then call through to the personal alarm's base unit and attempt to speak to you. They will ask what's happened and if you're okay, before taking appropriate action. If they don't hear a response, they will call the emergency services on your behalf.

Our Response Team are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. This ensures that our alarm and smoke detector users always have help available to them.

Our smoke detectors are created by leading telecare manufacturers Tunstall, who also manufacture the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and MyAmie Pendant. These smoke detectors are ideal for Lifeline alarm users who are looking for some extra peace of mind. They can connect to your personal alarm system and raise an alert with our Response Team when smoke is detected.

Graphic: Two for £75! Save £25! We've got you covered! Having an alarm-linked smoke detector can save you money on your home insurance!

Lifeline Vi Smoke Alarm Annual Plan


When the smoke detector is activated, it will transmit an alert to our Response Centre and a loud alarm will sound. The Lifeline24 Response Team can speak with the resident and assess the risk before contacting the Emergency Services.

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