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How These 5 Gadgets Keep Older People Comfortable & Safe

• Written by Diana


As we grow older, our bodies change. Therefore, our homes also need to adapt to these changes. In the past, we might’ve been able to do many things freely without thinking about safety. However, as we age, something we used to do with ease may become a bit difficult.

For example, pressing a light switch on as we enter the kitchen and off as we exit probably used to be a reflex. For an elderly person, doing this might be difficult if they are limited in their ability to move, particularly if they need to stretch in order to reach it. Another example would be getting in and out of a shower. Bathrooms aren’t exactly senior-friendly. They tend to be slippery, making them a common place for falls and injuries if people aren’t careful enough. 

We might not notice it, but older people living alone face a lot of difficulties and dangers. Although they have the freedom and independence to live alone, there are some things that they may struggle with and might need a bit of help dealing with. Since caretakers aren’t available all the time and some seniors prefer independence, safety isn’t always guaranteed. Thankfully, there are various gadgets older people can use to make their living situation safer and much more comfortable. 

5 Gadgets Every Senior Needs in Their Home

In this article, we’re going to list five essential gadgets and items every older person should have in their home for maximum comfort and, most importantly, safety.

1. Personal Alarms

Accidents can happen when we least expect them. For an older person, an accident can be life-threatening and time-sensitive. Without any help, things can turn for the worse. So, how can elderly people stay safe in their own homes? One excellent way to protect yourself is to ensure that you always have a way to call for help in an emergency such as a fall or a medical scare. This is where personal alarms can help.

Personal alarms are highly beneficial and are extremely helpful for emergencies. Although it might seem overly protective to have one on hand, they can be lifesavers when the situation calls for it. Personal alarms are also handy, especially if the customer lives relatively far from their family or friends.

2. Motion-sensing Lights

There are few things more dangerous than wandering around in the dark. You might trip, fall, or step on something sharp— the possibilities are endless. For older people, especially those with conditions like osteoporosis, walking around their homes in the dark can turn into a life-threatening situation. 

To combat this, consider having motion-sensing lights installed in your homes. Motion-sensing lights have a lot of benefits. First, you don’t need to stumble around for the light switch since the lights automatically turn on once you enter the room. Second, it reduces the chances of accidents. Third, it conserves energy since it automatically turns off once you leave the room. There's no risk of forgetting to switch it off and wasting electricity.

For elderly people living alone, having motion-sensing lights will reduce the chances of falls and injuries. It will also make getting around their home much more accessible. 

3. Smoke Detectors

Fires can result in permanent damage and fatal results. Hence, it’s highly important to protect any home from fires by taking preventative measures. Although a fire alarm might be good enough for younger folks, it may not be enough for elderly people living alone.

To ensure maximum protection from fires, seniors should have interlinked smoke detectors installed in their houses. Smoke detectors are handy because when fires happen, smoke travels faster than flames. Detecting smoke early on gives those inside the home extra time to escape and call for assistance. Lifeline24 offers smoke detectors that can link to your personal alarm. The Lifeline Response Team will be alerted when the detector is activated - they'll be able to call the fire brigade on your behalf, giving you and your family more time to get to safety.

4. Walk-in Tubs

Bathrooms are quite dangerous due to their slippery surfaces. With accidents bound to happen in the bathroom, senior citizens should take extra precautions to prevent falls or injuries from occurring.

A gadget that’s perfect for keeping elders safe in the bathroom is walk-in tubs. Although installing a walk-in tub can be pricey, it’s a worthwhile investment. Other than making your bathroom a safer place, walk-in tubs have added features such as hydro-therapy, self-cleaning water lines, and an anti-scald system, just to name a few. 

5. Stairlifts

Stairlifts are a must-have when it comes to gadgets for keeping seniors comfortable and safe in their own homes. Mobility issues often become an issue for seniors when it comes to getting around their homes. As well as the natural effects of ageing, conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and COPD can make climbing the stairs quite a challenge.

With a stairlift in place, someone with reduced mobility can climb or descend a set of stairs with ease. A stairlift can be an expensive purchase, but in the long run, it can prevent injuries, falls and help elders get around their homes comfortably and efficiently. It can also help you continue living in your own home for longer if your mobility changes, rather than having to move into a care home.

The Bottom Line

A home should always be a comfortable and safe place, no matter how old you are. However, as we age, some activities can be pretty limiting. Throughout the years, simple, everyday tasks can become a chore. For independent older people living alone, this can be a constant struggle.

The good news is that there are several options for seniors to ensure their home is a safe and comfortable place to live in. With innovative technology and engineering, various gadgets for increasing safety and comfort for seniors are now accessible and can be installed in homes everywhere.  

If you’re still wondering what you can do to make your home or a loved one’s home a safer place, these gadgets might make all the difference. Although they might seem expensive, they come with plenty of benefits, peace of mind, and freedom.

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