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Alzheimer's or just getting old?

• Written by Thom


It's been reported that many of us confuse signs of Alzheimer's disease with old age. This lack of understanding can lead to a lack of vital treatment for those with dementia, who put their symptoms down to growing older - read the full article.

Society's Knowledge of Alzheimer's

The research carried out shows that three in four people don't realise that they can help prevent dementia. There are some factors that are not in our control when it comes to getting dementia, such as our genes and our age. But leading a more active, healthy and stress free lifestyle can help prevent Alzheimer's. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol and staying mentally and physically active are some good first steps to take.

Our apparent lack of understanding about dementia leads to the withdrawal of those with Alzheimer's. This may be due to embarrassment that comes with the stigma surrounding the condition.

Many people assume that forgetfulness is just a normal part of getting older, but often miss some of the first signs of dementia because of this. Read on below for a list of the common symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Symptoms of Alzheimer's

  • Becoming Forgetful - Forgetting recent events or conversations, names or places, repeating themselves and asking the same questions.
  • Poor Judgement - Being unable to make decisions, or having difficulties with decision making, and being unwilling to accept change.
  • Increased Confusion - Ranging from getting lost or disoriented, to having hallucinations and poor sleep.
  • Mood Swings - Frequent mood swings that change swiftly may be noticed. Depression can be common alongside increased anxiety and frustration.
  • Difficulty With Tasks - Struggling to complete tasks that should be familiar, or judging distances for example.

See our in-depth dementia guide for further information.

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