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Using the Lifeline Alarm

Do you have questions about using your Lifeline Alarm? Please see below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about using your Lifeline Alarm.

Can I stop my alarm from ringing at the same time as my phone?

Yes. By default, your alarm is set to ring alongside your phone. You can turn this feature off using the small switch on the bottom of the Lifeline Alarm.

Can you call an ambulance?

Yes. If an ambulance is needed, we will ask you a few questions so we can inform the paramedics of the situation. We will then call for an ambulance as quickly as possible.

How do I wear the MyAmie pendant?

The MyAmie pendant is a discreet push-button device designed to be adaptable for the user to wear in various ways. Your MyAmie pendant will come with both a neck cord and a wrist strap, so that you can choose to wear it however you feel most comfortable.

The neck cord has a plastic insert at the end of it which slides into the back of the pendant and clips into place. The wrist strap is made with an elasticated material which feeds through the back of the pendant and can then be adjusted via its clasp for a comfortable fit for the user.

Alternatively, we can provide a belt clip which would be inserted into the back of the pendant in the same way as the neck cord and can then be attached to clothing or waistbands.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in pressing the MyAmie pendant, we can supply an Easy Press Adaptor. This is a clear plastic attachment which is already on a neck cord and slides on to the front of the pendant. There is a section at the back of the adaptor which will slide into the back of the pendant to fasten it in place. For more details on any of these attachments, please contact us on 0800 999 0400.

How does the fall detector work?

The Fall Detector works by detecting a sudden drop in altitude. If it detects no movement within the first minute after the fall, it would assume you need help and raise the alarm for you.

Please note that not all falls can be detected. A fall from sitting or a lower height may not register; if the fall is controlled against a wall or furniture it is also unlikely to register. It is very much designed for hard, heavy falls in which you are unconscious and unable to press the button. If you are conscious, you should press the button yourself to be sure that the alarm has been raised.

How many emergency contacts should I have?

We recommend that you have between two and four emergency contacts who have a key to access your property in an emergency. If you have fewer than two contacts or don't have any contacts at all, don’t worry. Lifeline24 can still support you via our Lifeline service – but we would strongly recommend that you have a key safe installed.

We cannot currently support listing emergency contacts who live outside of the UK, but we can list next of kin.

For more information take a look at our in-depth guide to the personal alarm.

I have a question about my account, who shall I call?

When you join our personal alarm service, you'll have access to our 24/7 Customer Service and Response Teams, who are on hand to help you with any enquiries. You can speak to our Customer Service Team on 0800 999 0400.

What happens if I fall in the garden and you can't hear me?

If we can’t hear you over the alarm base unit, we will give you a call on your landline or mobile number just in case it’s a false alarm and you didn’t hear the alarm box.

If we still can't reach you, then we will start to call your nominated emergency contacts. We will explain that the alarm has been raised but we haven't been able to reach you and we will ask them to attend urgently.

What happens if I press it accidentally?

Accidents happen and they are perfectly expected. If you press your personal alarm accidentally, just let it connect to our Care Team and let them know it was a false alarm.

What happens when I press the alarm?

When pressed, the alarm contacts our Care team. They will speak to you over the alarm unit to find out what sort of help you need. They can then call your emergency contacts to come and assist you. If necessary, they will also call the emergency services.

What is the range of the pendant?

The Lifeline Pendant Alarm and Vibby Fall Detector have a range of up to 100 metres. This is more than enough to cover the entirety of the average home and garden in the UK.

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