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Keysafe Facts

• Written by Josh


Keysafes are a great way of not only adding extra security to your home but they also worked brilliantly with our personal alarm systems.

A keysafe is a secure metal box that can be attached to the exterior wall of a property. On the front of the keysafe is a panel used for entering a code and it can only be opened by someone who knows the programmed code.

In an emergency situation we can provide the paramedics with your keysafe details before they even arrive at the scene, allowing them to gain access to the property immediately without causing any damage. The minutes, or even seconds, saved in a situation like this can mean everything.

Keysafes also allow you to leave your spare keys in a secure place, rather than leaving them under a door mat or plant pot. To help show why keysafes are so useful we have put together another helpful infographic for you to read.

Here are some Keysafe facts:

We have plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to buying a Keysafe from Lifeline24. We have the police approved Supra C500 and Burton Keyguard Digital XL safes, both of which can hold between five and seven keys.

We also have the Y500, which has been manufactured by security specialists Yale, and finally the Outside Security Keysafe which costs just £19.99.

You can find out more about our Keysafes by having a read through our product page.

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