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Case Study: Meet Our Lifeline Response Team - Joanne

• Written by Katie


Here at Lifeline24, we like to give you a personal glimpse behind the scenes to see how the Lifeline Alarm service works. In our latest case study, we're talking to Joanne from the Lifeline Response Team. Joanne is one of the emergency call handlers who will speak to you when you press your alarm.

We've asked Joanne a few questions about working in the Lifeline Response Team, to help you get to know the people on the other end of your alarm.


Name: Joanne

Favourite Musician: Bon Jovi

Last Thing You Watched: Would I Lie To You?

Favourite Place: Rome

Being a Lifeline Emergency Call Handler, you have to adapt to different situations on a daily basis. Why did you decide to do this job?

I wanted to work somewhere where I can actually make a difference to people's lives. Being an Emergency Call Handler definitely lets me do that.

How do you feel the Lifeline service helps people?

I think the Lifeline service gives people peace of mind. They know that help is just the touch of a button away.

Have you any advice for someone considering a Lifeline alarm?

I would definitely recommend getting one. You never know when you might need it, so it's always better to have one just in case.

You speak to a wide variety of people every day in the Lifeline Response Team. How do you adapt to each call?

It's mostly about using your own initiative and intuition. You get to learn how to adapt your response to each call.

What is the best part of what you do?

The best part of my job is knowing that I am at the other end of the alarm, able to help someone.

What do you think is important for people to know about your job?

I think people should know how important the Lifeline alarm service is to elderly and vulnerable people, especially if they are living on their own.

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